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  1. cloudy-milkey

    Herbies Seeds (Herbies Head Shop)

    It's great to know that Herbies' customer service was responsive and offered options when your shipment was intercepted. Customer service seems to be on point
  2. cloudy-milkey

    Herbies Seeds (Herbies Head Shop)

    Many folks I know in the USA have successfully received their orders from Herbies, so there's a good chance it will work out for you too. Fingers crossed! 🤞
  3. cloudy-milkey

    Sour D IBL

    Reconnecting with that classic ECSD through Katsu's Sour D IBL seeds sounds promising. Keep us updated on how it goes, and happy growing!
  4. cloudy-milkey

    Herbies Seeds (Herbies Head Shop)

    That's some solid customer service from Herbie's! It's great to hear they've been fair and accommodating even in challenging situations
  5. cloudy-milkey

    Herbies Seeds (Herbies Head Shop)

    wow, sounds good. thank u, herbies! thank you! glad you got them!
  6. cloudy-milkey

    Herbies Seeds (Herbies Head Shop)

    Hi there! Anyone ordered seeds from Herbies to the UK? My mate wants to start his growing career. I like herbies but idk how is it going when you order to another country
  7. cloudy-milkey

    Looking for something with the purple reddish leaves ect color

    Mimosa EVO by Barney's Farm and Grandmommy Purple by Herbies - my favs
  8. cloudy-milkey

    CBD Strains

    yep, also ran across some cbd strain at herbies usa express. there are more than 12 i guess
  9. cloudy-milkey

    Auto Flowering times

    haha i thought i was the one growing amnesia auto from seedsman so long. i think they should do sth with description, mb the word auto in the name of this strain is odd lmao
  10. cloudy-milkey

    VOTING THREAD - February 2023 Bud Picture of the Month

    its masterpiece, i love all these dif colors - can't take my eyes off.. it's a winner for me
  11. cloudy-milkey

    I'm not sure what I am smoking.

    how come you find any buds? i always smoke all at once
  12. cloudy-milkey

    Order confiscated

    why so many orders are confiscated now? what's the prob? lucky me i've never faced it just curious
  13. cloudy-milkey

    Gmo Grows Chimera #3

    fantastic plants! getting frosty
  14. cloudy-milkey

    Most reliable seedbank???

    i heard that u can contact them about it and they can replace non germ seed or sth. mb i'm just lucky, but im satisfied with their germination rate, last time 5 out of 5
  15. cloudy-milkey

    Other hobbies or maker interests?

    omg y'all got time for sth but smoking! You're supreme. I'm envy but proud of u
  16. cloudy-milkey

    Pinkman Goo seeds

    You're not the only one 🙂 I got all my orders too. As far as i know Herbies is already in US! They opened a shop with their own seeds, USA Express. Didn't check it yet, but soon it happens 😉
  17. cloudy-milkey

    Christmas photos/ other holiday photos

    Will you decorate her? :)
  18. cloudy-milkey

    what is the best way to pay?

    i always pay by card when ordering from herbies, as far as i know they also have bitcoin payment
  19. cloudy-milkey

    Where to buy seeds?

    fill your boots 😁
  20. cloudy-milkey

    Where to buy seeds?

    yeah freebies are exactly the point, love them