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  1. coloradodreamn

    How'd you come up with your username?

    Biggie....California dreamin'. moved to colorado and felt the name only fit!
  2. coloradodreamn

    Cooking Organic Soil Mixes

    My mix i let it cook for at least a month. like AKhockey said, i usually make a few batches at a time. so when i let the batches cook for over a month they break down more and the nutes become more available. One thing i have noticed though...after a 2 month cook they seem to really take off...
  3. coloradodreamn

    Thinking about making a coffee table book...

    For sure. I'd throw up the real OG lineage along with it and document the east coast chemdogs as well as the colorado chemdogs...There is so much valuable info on the forums its crazy! and it's real easy to get ahold of the people responsible for some of these wild hybrids...I mean i have a...
  4. coloradodreamn

    Thinking about making a coffee table book...

    what strains would u guys want to see in it?
  5. coloradodreamn

    Thinking about making a coffee table book...

    hahahahahahahaha def gonna have to make the book do Maybe i should start a thread that is strait up strains that people want to see written up...and have people post them...and i'll do the research and whatnot thats gonna go into it And make the top of the book be a tray for rolling...
  6. coloradodreamn

    Thinking about making a coffee table book...

    At least that's my stoned idea that i have been pondering for a few years now. I have been documenting strains like a mad man and think I have a good start. What i'm thinking about doing is making one that takes the best parts of the ones i already love, the Cannabibles, Big Book of Buds...
  7. coloradodreamn

    purple Peach f2

    OK so yeah i went back to the beginning and was too burnt to realize who made this strain for about 15 mins.....hehehehehehe very nice....Hope ya get some nice ladies outta this...i love the parents...
  8. coloradodreamn

    Seeds Online?

    Cannazon is another cool one i just found...all sorts of crazy stuff u though u would never see in seed form
  9. coloradodreamn

    alternative to butter?

    Vegetable glycerin is what you want. You can find it at any health food store. it takes 2 months to make...but it is well worth it.
  10. coloradodreamn

    12-1 light cycle what do you think?

    Once again.....thanks High times for all your useful information...I've seen it there and in weed world im pretty sure...I'm not about to try this... When i started growing about 5 years ago, I vegged under 18 hours of light...then i heard conflicting stories about a 24/0 schedule... I had to...
  11. coloradodreamn

    Hydro vs Soil: What suits my situation best?

    If anything put the carbon filter up high in the closet above the light. that way all the heat is pulled up and out no matter what. and have all the exhaust come out the flip your design upside down and it will be golden. Cooltoob's with the socket are only around $125. do yourself...
  12. coloradodreamn

    ATF tells gun dealers it’s illegal to sell weapons to suspected med marijuana users

    Thats fine with me i dont need guns...I dont believe in guns for "self-protection" If i'm going to get robbed it's because of my own fault. I told the wrong person obviously... But i dont feel that they should take peoples rights away for using medical marijuana.
  13. coloradodreamn

    Hydro vs Soil: What suits my situation best?

    you don't concern yourself with learning curves? ummm learning curves in this hobby can cost you an awful lot of money...or your freedom...learning curves in soil means you only get a small yield of some nice bud...the learning curve in hydro is buying new seeds when your electricity goes out...
  14. coloradodreamn

    soil recycle question

    1 cup of fine dolomite lime per 1 cubic foot of soil. ask your hydro store owner to order you a 50 lb bag of it. lasts forever and it's cheap. BAM
  15. coloradodreamn

    soil recycle question

    If you are using the General Organics Line then you should be good homie with just the lime...def use that cal/mag regardless if you are seeing a deficiency. marijuana plants use a ton of calcium bro. it should almost be a macro nutrient honestly. I dose with the calmag weeks 2-6. without...
  16. coloradodreamn

    soil recycle question

    I'm really glad you came to the light. i remember when you were a die hard DWC guy hanging your bulbs bare, vertical. and we had some heated arguments on yield and taste, hydro versus soil, and we never came to a conclusion....but i see you are in the dirt now and i like you even better:hubba:
  17. coloradodreamn

    Best high yeild strain for indoor ?

    Blue dream is not available in seed form anywhere. it's a clone only. If you are looking for an up high strain that yields good....try TGA's Apollo Bx here at attitude. Satori is some killer buds and i miss that strain so bad. i let it go before i knew what i had. And like THG said...dial in...
  18. coloradodreamn

    dry AND sticky also?

    where are you buying your weed m8!? cola on your cola's??? i highly doubt this is his issue here...but i have heard of this before...theres even flavored sprays out there that high times sells...another reason i wont support HT but thats a whole different story... Another thing i thought of...
  19. coloradodreamn

    dry AND sticky also?

    Are you flipping these buds every day a few times a day? if not you are getting un-even drying. also turn the fan off these buggers. most likely you are drying them out to fast. ur best bet is to hang them on a line. hang them until when you go to bend the stem is cracks. this is a daily...
  20. coloradodreamn

    Dirty Dozen going on a Purple Peach Run

    well that sux i jst read every page to come to the end with my hopes up only to be let down...sorry to hear they didnt come out so hot...not every seed is created the same