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  1. Ganj

    Important video clip about the dangers of marijuana
  2. Ganj

    Never smoked high grade..

    I have smoked many types of bud from high grade to low grade and I've noticed that there is a difference in the smell of the smoke that you blow out.
  3. Ganj

    4/20 Coming up...whats your plans?

    We plan on smoking a lot, all day. We want to travel around the area (hoping so much that it is a beautiful day) and enjoy our high and unity
  4. Ganj

    Best movie quotes

    Grandma's Boy is a sweet movie with a lot of good quotes. "I'm way too baked to drive to the devil's house"
  5. Ganj

    How to work your high.

    I know exactly what you're talking about because the same thing happens to me. Usually when I smoke I don't think I'm very high and then realize gradually that I am incredibly baked. Also, when I'm around people who have lower tolerances than me it seems to be harder for me to get high, but when...
  6. Ganj

    Buddy got busted/advice?

    I agree that it is stupid to carry pot on you through school. We never had stuff on us in case we smelled like it. It always stayed in the vehicle or at home.
  7. Ganj

    Buddy got busted/advice?

    Tell him you're sorry to hear it and you hope things get better.
  8. Ganj

    Smoking after having wisdom teeth removed

    It's only for like three days after. I'm fine with going three days without pot as long as it means no pain. It sucks for you if you can't go three days without it for that reason, though.
  9. Ganj

    Smoking after having wisdom teeth removed

    Good or bad idea? I've heard smoking cigarettes after having them removed (for the first few days) is a terrible idea, but what about bud?
  10. Ganj

    Do you get paranoid?

    Well it doesn't happen all the time. And I would definetely get paranoid while smoking with people I don't know, which is why I don't do it. :)
  11. Ganj

    stoner jokes

    Some are on more than once just in different forms. Also the swearing offends me very much.
  12. Ganj

    ''laws Against Marijuana Are Stupid''

    I saw an article in High Times a few months back that listed a lot of pro-pot and against-pot politicians.
  13. Ganj

    Cannabis May Soothe Inflamed Bowels

    It sure helps me when my butt hurts from rough dorm toilet paper.
  14. Ganj

    Do you get paranoid?

    If I'm in a group of people getting high in a somewhat open area or high with a group of people in a very crowded place I get kind of tweaked every once in awhile but I can usually control it because I want to be able to keep my cool with my friends if anything happens, but sometimes when I'm...
  15. Ganj

    Stupid ****

    **** that kid up. This is also why I don't deal with pot with people that I don't know 99% of the time.
  16. Ganj

    Are you willing to do it?

    If they found this place you would be screwed.
  17. Ganj

    cotton mouth

    I usually just drink water or Powerade and it helps.
  18. Ganj

    Are you willing to do it?

    I don't know how many of you are college students or even younger but, if the time comes where you have to quit pot to keep your job, do you accept that responsibility and think that you can do it? I think that I will be able to if my career ends up being filled with drug tests, I just accept...
  19. Ganj

    Color of Weed Question

    About smoking with people you don't really want around, unfortunately that is so true and it does happen, at least that's what I've had to deal with in college. I don't want to tell anyone "I don't want to smoke with you" because it's a peace plant and it's nice to have somebody around while...
  20. Ganj

    Smoking after someone and getting...

    That's why when you smoke with someone you are supposed to let them know that you are sick so they know to burn the end or something after they take a hit, or that they're going on their own stuff because of it. Anyone who doesn't do that is rude.