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    Fluoros for Lowrider?

    Can i use a 15 watt fluoro to grow/flower 1 plant of the lowrider strain? or do i need a hid? What if i had 1 175 watt Metal Halide, could i grow 3 lowrider plants under it?
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    Bud Before Pre-flowers?

    tnx for replies. Today i found out it is a male. As a noob i mistaken the pollin sacks for bud.
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    Bud Before Pre-flowers?

    I have a 2 foot sativa bagseed that seems to be budding but has not showed sex yet. Am i getting bud anxious when its really new leaf growth? It is a fluffy "bud" in dead center on top of the plant and on a few nodes under. First grow. Someone please shed light sorry no pic.
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    10-60-10 for flowering?

    nuff said...
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    IN OVER MY HEAD, please help!

    ok i have a 2 foot sativa dominant(if not 100%)plant in a 3 gallon pot that sprouted july 17. Its a skinny plant with most of the bushiness on top. It showed alternating internodes about a week ago, matured im guessing. Im at 26 degrees in florida so 12-12 is not far off, however, i dont think...
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    i used 10-60-10 with great results and lots of bud. Keep doin what ur doing they will be fine.
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    19", mostly shade. BUD?

    I have a 19" female thats been growing since july 17. It is very healthy and on its 11th or 12th node. I started 20-20-20 nutes recently feeding once a week. I live in south florida so its good culti weather. I dont plan to top it b/c i just transplanted to a 5 gallon pot. The plant got too big...
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    10-60-10 for veg.

    WOuld that be bad for a 2 week old plant?
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    I Smell Harvest

    i have 1, two week old 12" plant in a 2.5 gallon pot and 3 two week old 8" plants in 1 gallon pots getting 8 direct hours of sunlight and 14 hours total as well as 20/20/20 nutes with watering. Did i plant too late in the season or do i still have hope for a decent harvest?. I figure i have a...
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    Pot or Ground?

    also when is the approximate time/age when i should top it for the first time.
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    Pot or Ground?

    Hello fellow growers. I live in South Florida and I started my first outdoor grow this year and its about 2 weeks into it. only 1 of 8 bagseeds germinated so i grew it. I think i planted way late but i still wanna see what happens. The plant is about 8" tall and is currently in a 1 gallon pot...
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    Thank you joey. your imput answered my question fully and in a way i can understand. This will most likely help me grow a better, healthier plant.
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    I have a probken with my 1 week outdoor plant. IT only recieves direct sublight from 12-7. ANd because it gets no sun until 12 it is starting to wilt to the side it gets the most sun from. Should i train it? if so how?