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  1. Forever[D]anked

    How much longer?

    looks pretty good, you seemed eager to cut them 2 weeks ago. did you happen to chop them by now?
  2. Forever[D]anked

    Cigarette smoking?

    haha thanks for the answers guys, I'm not the smoker, its a fellow helper. however, i wouldn't like to have some dank smelling like cigarettes :( guess Ill force him to smoke far far away
  3. Forever[D]anked

    Cigarette smoking?

    Would cigarette smoking effect my plants at all? -- Whether its vegging or flowering? tnks
  4. Forever[D]anked

    Quick Question...

    I believe any amount & any time of light leak can cause hermies, just depends on the plants on how they will react to it.
  5. Forever[D]anked

    Just who exactly are the Feds targeting in California?

    These are supposedly the guidelines in use. Thought I'd share this hXXp://
  6. Forever[D]anked

    Small, young flowering plants with trichomes?

    I HIGHLY recommend reading around the forums, they're Great help. 10 - 12 hours of lighting = cause them to flower 18 - 24 of lighting hours are what are used to veg. and the fact that its winter in MA, its just not the way to go depending on the sun. I'm gonna assume you have no reflective...
  7. Forever[D]anked

    white flies

    I've never dealt with these, after reading this post i went ahead and shook my plants and noticed a couple of em! :(
  8. Forever[D]anked

    Are these stretched?

    how many you growing at once under the 2-1ks and 3 -600s?
  9. Forever[D]anked

    Chemical odor leads to pot grow

    Police and firefighters checking out a chemical smell Monday discovered 177 marijuana plants with an estimated street value of over $100,000 in an industrial building. No one was arrested. El Monte police Lt. Michelle States said officers and Los Angeles County firefighters responded to a...
  10. Forever[D]anked

    Collection of my best Larry OG Porn...

    I've been scrapping up some cash for Larry Seeds! Cant wait!
  11. Forever[D]anked

    CHEAP homemade soil??

    Well since they're bag seed, The only way to determine if they're autos, is IF they're getting 14+ hours light & if they do bud, then I'm sure they're autos. I realize the season in Aus. is spring-summer right now, so it isn't the lighting & I have no idea on the soil, sorry bud. Someone from...
  12. Forever[D]anked

    how do i pass a hair test??

    I thought hair follicle tests weren't allowed anymore. hmm. Also could have sworn, hair tests will always be positive once done a drug, think it includes marijuana. However, not knowing much on this subject I came across this site...
  13. Forever[D]anked

    # amount of blades in the leafs

    lol thanks all, speaking of farts. This morning, this stray cat that always comes around was here today, I decided to scratch its back and he made a really funky noise as if he had an orgasm and literally sharted and took off. I have no idea what the heck that was about but really disturbing lol...
  14. Forever[D]anked

    # amount of blades in the leafs

    Hey guys, I have a question about the leaf blades. My partner keeps telling me that single bladed leaf = Male Plant. I find that very hard to believe. They're not sexually mature~ However, what exactly do the # of blades mean?
  15. Forever[D]anked

    Is this enough?

    Yeah comes to show the 4ft 8 bulb covers about 30plants -- Got rid of 8 earlier from the 47 but still wasn't enough heh The girls on the edges are the ones not doing so great. :/
  16. Forever[D]anked

    Is this enough?

    1st pic - Progress 2nd pic - worst stretch of them all. -- was on corner of t5 3&4th pic - same girl -- However my favorite, very tight nodes. going to be some bushy lady. She's been giving out 1 strand leafs? Any ideas of the cause? 5th pic - i have a ? about the roots. I'm trying to keep...
  17. Forever[D]anked

    Is this enough?

    Sup all, thought i'd give an update on the ladies.
  18. Forever[D]anked


    I enjoy working out, its a great stress reliever for me I go every other day for 2 hours
  19. Forever[D]anked

    The New Room 4x4 600w hps

    looks good man, i can see some very thick colas
  20. Forever[D]anked

    4u2sm0kes outdoors 2011

    Very nice outcome 4u2. However not so very nice zera on those links :(