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  1. bigbudz

    New Grower... couple questions

  2. bigbudz

    Changing Pic size??

  3. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    So, it's been a while since I've posted anything in my journal, been a busy summer! But here's an update, turns out, she didn't hermie on us and is quite the little (or not so little) lady! Things are still going great and it's growing buds like crazy! My clone is doing well, also, but is more...
  4. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

  5. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    So, my lights came on this morning, and I see little balls on a few stems... I think it's hermied on me :mad: But... up at the top part of one of the stems, the ball has white hairs busting through it. So I don't know what to think, therefore, I'm asking for the professional opinions from the...
  6. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    Quick 3 week flowering update... finally able to see noticable white buds popping up everywhere! I know for sure it's female and am starting to get a nice little aroma from the closet. My clone is also doing really well. It's starting to get side growth, instead of just growth on top. Gave the...
  7. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    Ty! I'm about to FIM my clone this weekend. Just need to do a little more reading up on the process.
  8. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    Ty!! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who flubs up once in a while lol
  9. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    So, I messed up royally the other night... I was changing my gal's reservoir water, and forgot about how tall they actually were... when I raised the lid off, the top of one of the colas hit the light. Wasn't on there very long, but it only took a few seconds. So, now I have some majorly burnt...
  10. bigbudz

    Fall Grow Buddha Cheese,Thai,Bubble Gum Journal

    Cute lil sprouts you have growin there! Lookin great!
  11. bigbudz

    Northern Flame and Bubblelisious Grow

    Nice lil family you have growin there!
  12. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    A few more pics of the lovely white widow! Took a few close ups and a couple pics of my clone. My flowering gal is lovin the HPS light and stands at 33 inches tall!!
  13. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    2 weeks into flowering, finally know it's a gal and have started to see nice buds forming, bursting with beautiful white hairs! The clone I took is doing well also, getting new growth daily and will be FIM'd soon. So far I'm likin what I see! Here's some new pics of my girl in flowering...
  14. bigbudz

    KGB30 Growing Journal "Sativa Hybrid"

    Nothin like hairy ladies!! :D Congrats on the showing of the lovlies!
  15. bigbudz

    Dakota trial

    I don't think I have ever seen plants that tall and that bushy in my life... Wow... just WOW!
  16. bigbudz

    1st journal, 6 russian girls

    Very very nice! Looks like you're gonna have a few good smokes from those ladies!
  17. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    My lights came on this morning, and my to my surprise (and relief) I saw girlie parts!! Beautiful white hairs coming out on many different buds. I was so excited! Had to drag the hubby in there on his lunch break to show him. It's still growing like crazy, she's up to 29 inches tall and growing...
  18. bigbudz

    My First Grow In A Long Time (4 Strains)

    Awesome bunch of plants you have growing there! I'm in awe of how great they are doing and how big they are growing! Keep up the great work, they obviously love what you're doing for them!!
  19. bigbudz

    Smokys' NL grow

    Lookin great! Nice and bushy!
  20. bigbudz

    White Widow Grow

    While waiting for my lights to come on this morning, I decided to go ahead and check the clone that I took a week and a half ago... much to my suprise... I found long roots poking through the bottom of the rock wool! :woohoo: It's showing plenty of new growth also. I'm so happy this one pulled...