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  1. Ricochet Ranger


    ... 'tis much funnier with a buzz on... this is funny. Hahaha!! :bong2:
  2. Ricochet Ranger

    Harvest Pics

    It looks awesome, man. I have a couple of weeks before I am ready to harvest my first grow... you motivate me!
  3. Ricochet Ranger

    Clandestine Grow Room #1

    Been off livin' the dream for a while and thought it about time I updated my grow closet progress. I'll post a couple pics of the buds that are taking over the plants. It's crazy... can hardly wait to harvest this batch and start my next one! I have learned a whole lot with this first crop. The...
  4. Ricochet Ranger


    Greetings... may the Empire spider mites not return in the sequel...
  5. Ricochet Ranger

    First Rookie Grow Journal!

    ...organized and tidy. Cool. :aok:
  6. Ricochet Ranger

    Clandestine Grow Room #1

    will do, Hemp Goddess. Thanks for the advice :)
  7. Ricochet Ranger

    Pre 98 Bubba Porn....

    Awesome! Very motivating post, Hamster... makes me want to go upstairs to my little garden and sing inspiring grow songs to my plants! :guitar:
  8. Ricochet Ranger

    Clandestine Grow Room #1

    ...I appreciate your feedback. As you suggested, I did not use MG when I repotted everything yesterday. I used commercial top soil. It provided a rich nute-neutral base upon which I can add whatever nutritional supplements I want. I'm using Botanicaire Liquid Karma in a single morning watering...
  9. Ricochet Ranger

    Clandestine Grow Room #1

    ...and thanks for your advice. My budget is pretty much spent on this project right now, though. I can sustain and maintain it with nutes and such, but additional lighting and so forth is unfortunately going to have to wait until my next grow. I am truly the epitome of a 'low budget' hemp...
  10. Ricochet Ranger

    Hey mj passion :)

  11. Ricochet Ranger

    Hello Everyone!!!

    Greetings. I'm a recent forum member myself, working on my first grow. Good to virtually meet ya' ...
  12. Ricochet Ranger

    Clandestine Grow Room #1

    Thanks for the advice, Hemp Goddess. I have the new pots now and will be repoting a few of them this afternoon... need to get in the right state of mind first... :bong1: ...that's better. Now I'm ready to do some gardening :-)
  13. Ricochet Ranger

    TheeBudGuru has Arrived!

    ... and glad to make your acquaintence. :smoke1:
  14. Ricochet Ranger

    Clandestine Grow Room #1

    I noticed a single leaf with signs of insect munching during this morning's watering. I took the pots out to my back porch and gave them a spray of Natria, making sure to spray new growth and leaf undersides. They were at 4 weeks last Thursday and they're robust and looking great. Alternating...
  15. Ricochet Ranger

    here we go

    Muwahahaha! :headbang2:
  16. Ricochet Ranger

    RIP Macho Man Randy Savage...

    "...and in the first round of the rapture draft, God has selected macho man Randy Savage..."
  17. Ricochet Ranger

    Hi (Jah Leon introduction)

    ...from another rookie. <virtual handshake> :cool2:
  18. Ricochet Ranger

    Clandestine Grow Room #1

    Hey Suburban and Woodydude, thanks for your great advice and for your supportive comments. I am going to place 2x4s vertically against both side walls directly underneath to brace the light suspension rod on both ends. That will take care of the rod-failure risk. I do need to transplant soon as...
  19. Ricochet Ranger

    Hi There!

    Howdy. Rachelle... I'm a rookie grower myself... learning pointers from the cool folks on here as I move ahead, enjoying every step. :aok:
  20. Ricochet Ranger

    Clandestine Grow Room #1

    :D ...thanks for the power strip advice, guys... I removed the table completely and mounted the power strip on the wall... no worries about inadvertently goofing things up on that end. The plants are all in the 12" range now... I'm having a great time with this!