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  1. longtimegrower

    A cool page i found. Rainfall totals.

    You can go to the map scroll to the area you are the map and you can check rainfall totals for the past 72 hours. Places in your area post rainfall. But with this one youcan see if it rained more in your front yard than your back. Its color coded. Not hard to figure out. I got 1.2...
  2. longtimegrower

    I hope i can green these up.

    This is the yellowest ive ever had plants turn I hope i can turn then around
  3. longtimegrower

    Important message.

    Ok this is for all the outdoor growers who procrastinate about getting an outdoor grow going. Even if its just a Couple plants its time to get those seeds in the ground. This aint no dress rehearsal its show time. Yeild will really drop from now until 10th of july when after that its just all...
  4. longtimegrower

    Its time to kick off 2020. Wood grow.

    Hey everyone. I havent grown in many years but i missed it so much i thought i would get one going.
  5. longtimegrower

    Plants going outdoors.

    Im growing 4hashberry 2ganesh. 2Kalichakra 2chill-om 2 white widow. 1 girl scout cookie. 1criticsl prange punch 1cindy99 1 super skunk kush. 22 days old. About to put them outside. And not in the yard.
  6. longtimegrower

    Seedfinder breeders and seedbank rating

    Here is the link to check seedbanks ratings. Gray doesnt mean bad all the time but they dont have enough information on them.
  7. longtimegrower

    Its been a while friends.

    Hey people i havent been here in some time. I posted to marijuana seedbank with pictures of a large order i made. Something to grow this season. Thanks.
  8. longtimegrower


    Ive ordered a few times. Trustworthy. But therehaving credit card problems. An order i just made and sent cash. Itcame really fast. There prices are better than most.
  9. longtimegrower

    Mandala seeds. Back up.

    Mike posted on the site there working out a couple bugs and should be up today or tomorrow. If anyone wants fresh beans.
  10. longtimegrower

    Why is it so complicated

    Why does it have to be so hard to register for 420 forums. I was trying to register for another form. After I put in all the information I forget to click I agree to the rules and when I go back to check the box it erases all my info so I start over.this time it tells me invalid username or...
  11. longtimegrower

    I'm back after being.away for a few years.

    Good morning I'm back after a long time away. Glad to be back.
  12. longtimegrower

    Any one tried midweeksong

    I just got an order from them. Great service fast order, secure credit card service, stealth shipping.
  13. longtimegrower

    19 days of 12/12

  14. longtimegrower

    War on drugs = Insanity Doing same thing over n over expecting different results

    In Indiana the chopper task force flew looking for plants 2 days a week and cutting for three days every week for ten weeks and still counting. They even spent a bunch of man hours cutting down 6000 hemp plants that were growing wild for years and the news even came out to make a huge deal of it...
  15. longtimegrower

    Fast to grow.

    Here are two speed queen plants planted june 7. and set out on june 30th. Notice how they grow. In pic 1 they are waist high then chest high then head high then over 7foot tall. Four plants i helped a friend with really bad neck problems. He had two vertabras removed from his neck. His pain meds...
  16. longtimegrower

    Planting too early what happens

    Hey fellow growers im not doing a grow this time but was curious for an answer to a question that will probally help a lot of other growers also. Some time around march 22 the days start to get longer. If you start a plant inside under 24 hours of light untill it shows sex then move it out side...
  17. longtimegrower

    Ill still be here to lend help.

    Hey guys im not planting a grow this year. I grew mostly for a sick friend who has plenty for this year and next. I smoke very little so i didn`t keep much for my self. I gave a little to a couple friends and also i have a little one to think about. And because my seeds got seized and i didnt...
  18. longtimegrower

    Help seed order leads to huge charge on my CC

    All well that ends well.
  19. longtimegrower

    I got a letter from coustoms about my seeds.

    A mouse ate them.