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    Vegan Gummies

    Does anybody know a vegan gummy receipt? Perferably one that use distillate but I wont say no to one that uses a tincture. Thanks
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    My First Mother

    Thanks! This is my first grow and I didn't know the importance of keeping dates so I'm guessing she is about 22 weeks. I just started flowering her sister. I know i should have atarted flowering a bit sooner but i didnt have a place to keep the mother. Anyways, thats sorted now. I also want...
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    My First Mother

    Hey check out my first mother... her name is Minerva!
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    What are you listening to?

    If you like WolfMother then you should also check out a band called The Saints. Also from Australia, and i would bet dollars to donuts that WolfMother would say that The Sainta were a major influence. There first two albums are amazing.