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  1. Chi11yWi11y1!


    My girl is flowering she was getting light but i went a little heavier on the feeding now how does she look?
  2. Chi11yWi11y1!

    29 days into flower outdoor first grow

    Enjoying that summer sun!!
  3. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Hello new growers and vets alike

    Had a question. My girl has had ash falling on her and she is in flower already do i let it sit or try and blow it off? Wildfires of course
  4. Chi11yWi11y1!

    My girl is looking frosty just wantes to show my first outdoor grow

    Hope you all are doing well i feel good for a newbie
  5. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Hello newbies i am one as well

    How does my hazy girl look veteran growers
  6. Chi11yWi11y1!

    My girl is looking good i think thanks everyone for the help

    She was a 50/50 but went sativa dom
  7. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Outdoor grow #1

    Had a question, my girl just started shooting her pistils put do i keep her on the same nutes or switch?.. Or do i wait until she flowers more just curious
  8. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Outdoor grow update

    Does she look good on nutes?
  9. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Just need to know if she looks happy

    First time grow outside
  10. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Day 27 of outdoor grow #1

    Hope she looks well
  11. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Outdoor grow update

    She just got a nute bath yesterday .. Does she look good? Like she is healthy?
  12. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Day 23 does she look good?

    First time grow outdoor
  13. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Any pointers for first time grow

    Does she look happy?
  14. Chi11yWi11y1!

    Day 19 im feeling good how does she look?

    Cookie strain lol not sure which
  15. Chi11yWi11y1!

    First grow outdoors

    Does this plant look good for a 13 day