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  1. wheelie

    My first grow and a new must have.

    Using a Jewelers loop I could not see Tricombs very well as to when to harvest. Always wondered how people got such clear pictures. Went to my sisters and she had a little toy and was playing around with hers in my cell phone so when I got home I bought one. I think my plant is ready for...
  2. wheelie

    Small screw up.

    Got two plants. One auto flower and one normal. Auto flower going into flower both plants in a tent. Started one that is about 2 weeks old and doing well but other two are 12 inchs (Regular) and 18 inchs (auto Flower) the size. Small one is about 5 inchs high. They are in my in house pellet...
  3. wheelie

    Greeting to all.

    Just a hello to all. Have dabbled in outdoor growing a bit over the years but now that it is legal in Canada I bought a grow tent and all the addons to go with it. Looking to learn and helping out later when I can. Been on forums for years. Mainly hunting and shooting forums. CHEERS!