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  1. Gooch

    My savior flower

    This flower cycle will consist of a monster ibulk, a smaller white indica and a smaller mango. first 2 plants were given to me in my desparation, because the 3 teens i bought expecting to flower a month ago are not awesome, the mango is one of them, i may even toss in another lol who knows.
  2. Gooch

    would you flower this plant?

    I bought 3 teen plant allegedly. They were 18" and almost bare, i had purchased with the intestion of just flowering but that wasnt happening. So i have been vegging them for over a month. the stem is crazy hard so i cant even lst the thing without snapping it. question is would you flower it or...
  3. Gooch

    Starting from seeds

    This grow will consist of all seedlings, i started 3 greencrack aka green kush 2 weeks ago they all took and are growing perfectly, i also tried to get 3 azura haze oing but all 3 failed i then tried 3 more azura haze and i got one looking like it is about to go live, I also just ordered bubba...
  4. Gooch

    Gooch's Stray Flower cycle

    As many people have followed my various grows will notice quite a leap in flower cycles from this past summer when i was under construction, during which one of my plant got far to large to go in with the last flower which had a huge pinwheeled plant which netter 10oz dry, but took up 1/2 my...
  5. Gooch

    Grain alcohol Shatter

    So i never put stuff that is not made for human consumption into my body, i realize if it is labratory purged perfectly they can reduce it to 1ppm or whatever that is 1ppm to many for me so i found out about rosin and was enoying it although very heavy on the lungs with all the lipids and ****...
  6. Gooch

    Gooch's Precision Scrogging grow

    Hi all long time, I am about to start a flower cycle that will include 2 normally grown plants, and one precision scrogged plant. What is precision scrogging? well first it will be called pscrogging from now on. it is a technique of flattening the plant and instead of making it grow north you...
  7. Gooch

    Not sure what is happening here could be heat maybe?

    I noticed on a few buds that this yellowing discoloration, and deformation of the bud.
  8. Gooch

    Ebb and flow prepping for harvest

    I am new to growing this is my first grow using htdroponics, I have an ebb and flow system. I am not sure if i need to flush or not, I am not sure how long i need to flush. Tomorrow is day 42 flower so potentially 20-30 days left and i want to make sure i am prepared properly. Does anyone use...
  9. Gooch

    Learn How Plant Use Nutrients- for beginners and experts alike

    When i came across this video, it was 3 weeks or so ago. since then it has morphed my grow into a monster. It has taught me not only how to grow better, but how to understand what is happening. The first link is going to be the video that introduced me, the second is a link to sign up for free...
  10. Gooch

    2nd grow journal crown royal, white cookies using stg(Sure To Grow)

    ok so this is my 2nd grow journal see signature to follow first. I have brought 2 seeds to growth out of 4 total seeds. All 4 germinated. I started the germinated seeds in the sure to grow, probably not the best idea since i lost 2 to the medium. On a side note there is not anyone using it for...
  11. Gooch

    couple noob questions

    1st when is ot best to take off alot of the fan leaves? and second someone had mentioned using molasses does anyone have an amount to add per gallon?
  12. Gooch

    Clone questions

    I am about to try to get some clones off my ladies, I have an oxyclone, my question is this, what should i use for nutes in the water? the oxyclone is a sort of dwc with super oxygenated water. :joint4:
  13. Gooch

    Leaves loosing color and dieing off need help

    HYDROPONICS/Aero Ponics/Coco/Soiless/ How long has this problem been going on? 2 weeks Are you growing in a PVC grow tent? (example: Hydrohut or any other non brand tents) an orignal gorilla tent probably 6-8 years old What system are you running? (DWC? Ebb flow? Aero? Water Farm? Flood...
  14. Gooch

    Beginner question i think on to germinate or not

    I bought my seeds from crop king, I am excited to grow them in a ebb and flow hydro system. I have picked up rock wool as a starter medium for the seedlings. I have germinated many seeds in practicing(taking bag seeds to root and beyond) using the techniques required by crop kings to offer their...
  15. Gooch

    First time grower using ebb and grow system

    I still have everything in packages currently. I am working with 2 tents, and I would like to create a cycle that can consistently keep me medicated. I have several hydro units 1- 12 pot ebb and grow system with time controlled feeding, each bucket is 3 gallons i think and my rez is 50 gallon...
  16. Gooch

    First time grower. Using seeds

    Hello all I am on my first grow, I am using feminized crown royal. It has been 5 weeks since seedling popped so closer to 3 weeks actual growth. I am using CFL's, inside a grow tent and i just put in a 600w HPS in preparation for flipping to 12/12. I think I am going to wait for 1 or 2 more...