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    32 inspirational gardening quotes 32 inspirational gardening quotes Feeling unmotivated to start gardening this year? Read these quotes. It won't take long before you want to get your hands dirty again. KIMI HARRIS April 23...
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    One Good Year - Growing Marijuana in Humboldt County This is an hour long about growing marijuana in Humboldt County, but it's really about being self sufficient and living with the environment. When the woman speaks about homesteading at the 35 minute mark it hits home to me. I'm going to do my best...
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    Sandy soils

    My wife bought some lavender, rosemary, and chives. Last year I had lavender and rosemary and both died. I always thought I had a green thumb until then. Anyway...the tag says rosemary and lavender like sandy soils. Does anyone have a good soil recipe for them or even a good ready to go bagged...
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    No-till space

    With the no-till method how much space do I have to leave between the top of the soil and the top of the container? I'd imagine that if you don't leave enough space eventually you'd reach the top of the bucket after years of top dressing. I was planning on using a 20 gallon smart pot that has a...
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    Perlite and Vermiculite - Any Pests?

    I was first thinking about doing a DWC, but I came across hempy buckets and they seem so much easier so I figured I'd at least give it one try before going to DWC. My question is about the medium. I was thinking about coco and perlite, but then I hear about bug problems. If I run just perlite...
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    Plant Markers/Tags

    What do you guys use to mark your babies?
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    Hydroponic Top Drip/DWC Bucket

    I've decided to try my hands at hydro and build a combo top drip/dwc bucket. My question is do I use a timer or not? I've seen articles where it's a continuous drip and I've seen others where the timer is turned on for only several minutes 3 times a day.
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    Watering While Away

    I'm going to be going to be away from home for a full week twice this year. I have no one that can water my plants. Have any of you had to deal with this and if so what have you done to deal with it?
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    Brand of T5 to buy?

    I'm looking to get a T5 for my 2x4 mother and clone tent. What brand/model do you recommend? I see a lot of them, but when I look at the reviews a lot of people talk about how quickly they fail. I'd like to not have to purchase a whole new light every year.
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    Solar Hut 31x31x71

    I'm thinking about buying one of these since it will just fit under my basement ceiling and I'm going to need all the height I can for my sativa grows. Even with LST'ing, I don't think my current 5' tent height is going to cut it. Does anyone have any experience with solar hut grow tents?
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    Cannabis Runts

    So I almost forgot that I planted a runt outside (I figured it would be easy to hide). Has anyone ever grown a runt to full bloom before? What was your experience like?
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    Outside Love

    I just want to be able to grow weed outside to spread love to the other plants. That's all.
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    Clones in same tent as mother

    I've decided I'm going to start cloning. I'm going to use my current 2x4x5 tent for the mothers and buy a 3x3x6 for flowering (I wanted a little more height for sativas). I was either going to buy a 2-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System or put the clones in with the moms and then veg them in...
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    Using Papaya to cross with Sativas?

    I ordered 10 regular Papaya seeds from Nirvana, 8 of them grew nice and strong, but guess what? Not one female, not one. :rolleyes: :-( I'm thinking about making lemonade out of lemons and pollinating a couple of the future female sativas I've ordered.Has anyone used Papaya to cross breed a...