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    Miss u guys!

    Hello everybody, how are you doing? missing all of u and missing the forum! Rosebud how are u ?
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    Introducing my self again. WOW miss u guys

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time, i miss all of you. How are you doing?
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    lets say i have a male plant and grafted it to a female what would be the final sex of this plant? i'm lost with that LOL and what do u guys know about grafting any plant into MJ or MJ to any plant?
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    Humic acid+ fulvic acid really works for me

    Wassap all, in this grow i used humic and fulvic acid mixed. I started in light quantities and then in the veg stage i used 10-15ml/0.5L. The good news is my local water ph is 7.9, after putting it out 24 hours i add the fertilizers and the humic acid the ph becomes 6.9-7 but everything is going...
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    More nitrogen?

    Should i add more N to this plant? Last time i fed them with light quantities i can double the amount of ferts. The second plant is good.
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    Forum application

    Hey admin and members hope you are all doing fine. I joined this forum a year ago and now its my marijuana home with really funny members and awesome experience. So i want to tell u ladies and gentlemen that u are just awesome. In this year l met alot of friends. And i want this forum to be...
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    My fertilisers

    Today i'm going to show you my own ferts and i always use them for my tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. They adjust directly the pg from 7 to 6.5 I'm using as light quantities 5 miligrams/L of nitrogen+MgO+Ca 2.5 milligrams/L of PK-Fe 2.5 milligrams/L of Zn( and it contains good quantities of some...
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    Hey everybody I took this plant from my friend its a white widow and he was preparing his setup so while preparing he threw this seed in soil and put it under a t5 without ventilation and ph adjutment and fertilisation amd she is 1 month old but too small! I took it from him while his setup is...
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    2 feminised plants

    I'm growing in this journal 1 white widow and 1 bubblicious both feminised. I will grow it in the first stage in my small grow box : 50×60 cm base and 1 meter height. At First plants will grow 20 cm vertically to hit the Screen then i will fill the screen and the plant will grow horizontally...
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    Fitting plants

    Sup peeps. Need to take your opinions. How many plants would you fit in a 50×60×100cm growbox? Each plant in a small pot or one big pot for all? Couldnt be happier while i'm preparing for a new grow :)
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    Humic acid

    Hey guys, i'm going organic 100% in my new grow ( i've grown MJ 2 times but not organically) and my seeds are on their way. I bought 250ml of humic acid to decrease the ph of the water but i just found on google that it gives extra benefits for the plants. Who used that solution before?
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    Nirvana's propagator for cloning

    Hey, this time i'm going to try cloning with this product. Any has dealt with it before? Need your opinions guys!
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    CbD cure cancer?

    Has anybody experienced anything about CBD and cancer? A friend of mine recently is beating cancer. Please any help? Only my cannabis home can help me to find the answer, MP
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    salvia seeds?

    Where i can buy salvia seeds? I dont have any idea about this drug but i think i want to try it. Any idea about it?
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    Pepper plant

    Hello all, i have a pepper plant on my balcony its produces little purple pepper. But the leafs are curling i dont know if its from the soil or an insect. Any idea? I think rosie should know whats the problem :D she have a pretty awesome garden outdoors!
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    Smoking tobacco

    Sorry i think i should not not post this here but i want to ask you something MP members. I dont have MJ anymore and i'm smoking now and its causing me dizziness. Any idea why?
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    Sativa from nirvana

    Hi all I'm dealing with nirvana and i already ordered regular white widow pack. Now i want to order a sativa strain from nirvana also, they have affordable prices. I'm thinking to order sterling haze feminized. Anyone has tried it? And what is your opinion about it? I'm searching for a strong...
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    Tv show

    Hello everyone! I have to admit that i'd love watching a daily or weekly tv show about growing MJ and about MJ in general. So i'm asking u if anyone knows any, tell me i love watching these things!
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    New plant atopped growing and first set turned yellow

    Hey guys! I started my new grow 5 days ago with 4 plants, 3 of them looks great but there is one that looks yellow and isnt growing anymore. Any solutions? Growing under 150W hps lamp. 18/6 light hours. Plants are far from the lamp 25cm. Water ph: 6.5. No fertilizers used. Using soil with...
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    Here we go i was checking on my plants, i was busy for 3 days studying with my friends. I got this... the light is far enough to burn it and i put the water about 1 day out to get the chlorine out. Not using ferts