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  1. ston-loc

    Here we grow again, 2017

    Alright now, already been rolling along nicely with the usual intent of downsizing. Tried starting things a little later this year. So far have an icookies, timewreck, and a sunshine daydream in the amended holes. Just transplanted two more icookies into 15gallon smart pots this afternoon.
  2. ston-loc

    Ston-loc's 2016 outdoor adventures

    Hey guys and gals. Been off here for a while since losing log in info. Heard a few of ya missed me :D Just a quick start to a journal that I'll add more as the season goes. Planned to start later, and downsize this year. Wound up starting earlier, and have way more than I planned to keep...
  3. ston-loc

    Shakespeare smoked the herb

  4. ston-loc

    Any clue what's going on here?

    Not mine, but my buddy asked for help. This is at a node on an outdoor plant in veg. Lost both branches at that node and now it seems to be spreading. I'm guessing some kind of fungus??? Anyone have any helpful input what it is, and also how to treat it?
  5. ston-loc

    Making some topical cream

    Have been using some, and really like it. It really seems to help with the aches and pains. It's pretty pricey to purchase though, so me and the mrs are going to make some of our own. I found a recipe, and have a question. It calls out for using 2 ounces of trim. Anyone have any input if I use...
  6. ston-loc

    My stoney jolly ranchers

    Have had a good response on these and decided to do a couple more batches today. Going to do my first CBD batch with Cannatonic from last harvest. Second gonna do another batch of Nurse Larry also. I'll add as I go. Starting the Cannatonic batch with an all bud run. Don't have any trim left to...
  7. ston-loc

    Big changes for the 2015 od grow

    So I'm going organic this year. I'm also going in the ground. Two big changes for me and I'm really excited. Not dropping beans for a bit, but spent all day digging, amending, and roto-tilling. I'm beat.
  8. ston-loc

    Happy Birthday Rose!!!!

    Hope you have a great day today! I'll pack a nurse larry bowl just for you :48:
  9. ston-loc

    Leaf pressing.

    Been meaning to do this for two and half years. Finally got around to it :48:
  10. ston-loc

    Awesome stoner Christmas present

    Let alone the fact of making twinkies, once I can whip up a batch of butter I am totally making weed twinkies!!! :stoned:
  11. ston-loc

    Thinking to go organic next year

    Not sure what route would best go with my style of growing. Thinking ahead, if i go the super soil route, how long ahead of time I need to start prepping before the grow actually begins. I've been a GH3 grower for the previous handful of years in a soil less medium. Random Saturday thinking...
  12. ston-loc

    The Emerald Cup in a few weeks

    Anyone going to go? Thinking about driving out for the day for one of the days...
  13. ston-loc

    Anything safe to do with buds that have powdery mildew?

    Have been fending it off for a bit, but now one of the 8' plants spread all throughout it pretty bad. Managed to get some buds off before it got to them, but what about the rest. Tried the hydrogen peroxide/water bath that I seen in that video a few years ago, didn't work at all. Any ideas? Or...
  14. ston-loc

    Decarb or not to decarb

    Just some thinking, and wondering others opinions. The only edibles I have made are hard jolly rancher like candies with BHO. I have never decarbed the trim and buds before making the bho. I usually put about 2 to 2 1/2 grams in each batch which makes about 80 or so candies. Question being, if I...
  15. ston-loc


    I seriously was crying laughing watching this! Super funny Louis Ck stand up bit. What do you guys think :stoned:
  16. ston-loc

    Sexing it up over here

    Haha loving it This is a Pineapple Express's fimmed trident top Anyone one else's showing yet?
  17. ston-loc

    Seedling nutrient def?

    Hey all, would like your thought. So I have five toddler-ish plants. Have yet to give any added nutrients. First round leaves are just yellowing. All five have recently been transplanted into happy frog a week or so ago, and all they have gotten is ph'd water. I have two of this strain...
  18. ston-loc

    Who here knows what Tough Mudder is?

    Went to Tahoe last weekend and completed one. Awesome time! Definitely the hardest thing I have ever done. Anyone else in mudder nation? :D
  19. ston-loc

    Grasshopper well into flower

    Any ideas to get rid of them? Plants recently started getting really chewed up. Digging around finally found the culprit. At least one of them. Big guy too.
  20. ston-loc

    Powdery mildew outdoor during veg

    Not trying to double post this, but my GJ doesn't really get much traffic. Went out today and it seems like two of the three plants may have some PM on them. Struck me odd, being mid summer, in veg, in amazingly warm weather. What should I do to get rid of it? Only had it in flower before...