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  1. Billy Bagseed

    Harvest Advice Needed: All At Once Or One At A Time?

    Hey Gang! I have three bloomers 54 days into 12/12. Though all seeds came from the same bag of reefer they look way different from each other. Two look gangly and stalky all sativa like while one is short and bushy with fewer stalks, stems and buds. The frosty buds on one of the tall plant's...
  2. Billy Bagseed

    23 days into bloom

    bagseed from 'the bob' ... their future's so bright ... Best Wishes To All ...
  3. Billy Bagseed

    Defoliation During Bloom

    Hey guys! Been pretty busy the last week or so after killing off the three GIANT male plants. I cleaned everything very well as suggested and spread the remaining three ladies out. We hit day 22 of bloom today and there are many bloom sites all over the plants. Though 40'' tall I've been bending...
  4. Billy Bagseed

    Ruh-Roh! 'Summer Flowers'

    um. so. Day 12 of bloom SOME of my flowers look like this ... and Some look like this. I think I see a coupla 'nanners on that sum'bish too. Sorry pics taken with the lights off. Whack 'em or keep?
  5. Billy Bagseed

    Watering Kwerstchun ...

    Hey gang! I've just begun the second week of bloom and my Ladies seem to be extra thirsty. I have many buds beginning to form (I freaked out thinking they had all hermied on me. but no.) and have my canopy just about evened out. I vegged these leggy sativas for 8 whole weeks(total noob. not in...
  6. Billy Bagseed

    Anyone with experience buying beans from MSNL?
  7. Billy Bagseed

    Howdy Ya'll/Light Spectrum Question

    Hello everyone and special Thanks to whoever started this helpful forum. Light Spectrum Question I'm in the middle of my first grow. I switched to the 12/12 schedule today. I have two 1000W Sunraise LED lights above six plants. Sunraise has a VEG switch and a Bloom switch. The Veg is...