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  1. oldfogey8

    infer red?

    Read the article. It says a lot of led manufacturers are incorporating ir LEDs. The theory I have read is it help trigger flowering. If me of my LEDs has an ir led in it and it has worked for me. Sorry. This forum has become pretty lousy. Growing cannabis or good cannabis to be more precise...
  2. oldfogey8

    Will this work ???

    i would suggest if you don't care for the advice of the 3 people who took their time to answer you then you should go ahead and give it a try like you want to do anyway. let us know how that works out for you but disagreeing with people providing free advice is probably not going to get many...
  3. oldfogey8

    infer red?

    from When Reds & Blues Collide: Understanding Light-Related Plant Physiology Far-red light between 730 and 770 nm also plays an important role in plant development. Increased amounts of far-red light typically indicate a shaded environment. Phytochromes give the plant a way to sense relative...
  4. oldfogey8

    Plants dying .

    You have another thread some have responded to about your coco medium. You look to be having a nutrient issue which can be due to bad coco. Have you addressed this? If you have not, your plants will probably continue to die unless you follow thru with some of the suggestions very kind and smart...
  5. oldfogey8

    Height Concerns, what to do ?

    Take a look at this video. Remo is a legend...
  6. oldfogey8

    LED's for a 2x5 closet

    I know you did not ask me but the flower footprint according to the data says 2’x2’ so for a 2x5’ closet you will need 3 of them. I misread it yesterday and thought it had a 14”x14” but either way it is not enough light to flower under.
  7. oldfogey8

    LED's for a 2x5 closet

    Those are so cheap because the flower coverage is only a 14”x14” footprint and the ppfd is really too low to flower well. A lot of folks on here use blurple lights myself included and get good results. Look for low variation in ppfd over the light footprint and color maps showing good red and...
  8. oldfogey8

    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    I have had plants hermie and aside from the lower weight of usable bud and of course having to pick out the seeds before smoking it, the effect was the same for me as non-seeded bud. Personally I would chalk it up to experience, finish flowering the plants and do like I did when I was a kid...
  9. oldfogey8

    Mars-Hydro SP3000 grow?

    Mars-Hydro sent me an invitation to be a tester of their new SP3000 LED. I am planning on cloning all 7 strains I currently have in my tent then vegging the clones for 2 weeks and then flowering after that. I want to see how the light compares to my current lights as far as vegging and flowering...
  10. oldfogey8

    Hermied plant

    In my experience with hermied plants, you probably will have some seeds in your other plants. There are some good pics on here of nanners if you search for that term(and you might even see some pics from me). Look for light leaks in both of your tents as that has been my downfall. I have...
  11. oldfogey8

    First Grow going slowly! Tips appreciated 😊

    i feed every 2nd or third watering personally. from what i have read, coco can have ph issues. i think if it isn't washed well it is acidic out of the bag, can have a lot of salts left in it and that could be causing nute lock out as well.
  12. oldfogey8

    First Grow going slowly! Tips appreciated 😊

    i ahve not sued that product line but general hydro makes a product called micro which is designed to work as part of a 3 parts system. the micro is usually where these systems provide the micronutrients. the macronutrients(NPK) are contained in the other 2 parts. i am using stuff from kelp4less...
  13. oldfogey8

    First Grow going slowly! Tips appreciated 😊

    You should be using nutrients designed for vegetation or ‘grow’ not ‘bloom’. Are these auto flower plants or photoperiod? I go 24 hours of light thru the vegetative stage the flip to 12/12 for photoperiod plants when the plants are mature. Alternating leaves as opposed to leaves opposite one...
  14. oldfogey8


    I have a plastic liter bottle with a cap that I drilled small holes in(5/64 drill bit maybe). Then load in the DE and sprinkle/squeeze away. People recommend wearing a mask as the particles are small and sharp though I am and idget and don’t do that. I leave the dust on the plants for a day or...
  15. oldfogey8


    red and blue leaf hopper. i have them too. i am in central massachusetts. they feed off the sap. i am planning on blasting my plants with some diatomaceous earth later today to try to get rid of them. they are staying away from my Mimosa and Golden Lemon but seem to like my Triple Grape and...
  16. oldfogey8

    Many types of members - this is a Marijuana Forum. Remember it please.

    gotta love the irony of how this thread is not about marijuana anymore when the admin who started it did so to say this forum is a marijuana forum...
  17. oldfogey8

    First Grow going slowly! Tips appreciated 😊

    i wold feed them and give them 24 hours a day of light
  18. oldfogey8

    please help me choose

    depends on what kind of tiny insects. some can do some real damage. i would try to eradicate them before you get too far into flower. i use doctor zymes with good results and it is safe to use up until harvest or so they claim. i have tried mighty wash before as well but the spider mites came...
  19. oldfogey8

    Lighting Help please .

    could the 3 that are in bloom be autoflowers? i have 5 plants outside in massachusetts and all are showing early flowers. i would personally leave the plants that are showing flowers in with the rest of the plants. they may just be early bloomers too. depriving them of light isn't going to do...
  20. oldfogey8

    First grow room ... long veg period ..

    I know my plants grow slowly(mostly my new clones) if I do not give them a proper wet/dry cycle. If you are watering every day, your roots may be getting too little oxygen. The plants will stretch when you flip them to 12/12. How much depends a lot on the strain. I have had some double in height...