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  1. EugeneOregon

    Dosing vid THC

    Maybe I am just old school but this just seems to work best on a daily basis. I have a heavy duty vaporizer as well of course but this style is simple to carry and deal with. The idea behind the vid was in response to some email asking about dosing.
  2. EugeneOregon

    Micro refinement of THC
  3. EugeneOregon

    Steam distillation vids

    This blog link shows extract being purified with steam.
  4. EugeneOregon

    Nice clear dab

    It takes a bit of doing but this months refinement of my medicine from dark brown and black crude resulted in some highly purified product. Potency is very high.
  5. EugeneOregon

    How I isolate Delta 9 THC

    This is dispensary extract that has soaked over night in rubbing alcohol. 70% isopropyl/30% water. After the extract in rubbing alcohol was pulled through an aluminum oxide column all of the waxes virtually have been removed. Then it was loaded into my horizontal distillation rig which I use...
  6. EugeneOregon

    Refining Delta 9 THC

    Here is how I go about refining high purity Delta 9 THC.
  7. EugeneOregon

    Powdered THC for dosing

    I have many vids that show how to purify extract to high purity Delta 9 THC. The compound begins breaking down immediately after refinement and keeping frozen partly slows this. Even frozen powder though within a few days changes from white, to ligt purple, then to a rose hue over time. The...
  8. EugeneOregon

    Gleaning medicine at .00075 Tore (deep vacuum)

    Good morning from Oregon! I save every tiny bit of cleanup solvent and gunk then eventually get enough to attempt squuezing the last tiny bits of the target compound out of it. The temperatures needed on the first pass are very high and the first pass pukes out a lot of bumping...
  9. EugeneOregon

    Using DCVC in reverse phase configuration to dewax

    This is yet another way to use chromatography, DCVC to further purify extract. This offers complete dewaxing and also reduces the percentage of alpha pinene in the extract which causes some folks to cough. This is an extremely quick method and is targetted at just dewaxing with a side benefit...
  10. EugeneOregon

    Homemade extreme vaporizer

    This puppy produces a dense cloudy vapor and can fill a room with it pretty quick.