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  1. mikeydean


    I have some Critical Sensi Star plants that are on day 35. :woohoo: They are in super soil, 5 gal. smart pots, question is I would like to feed them one more time with a really good flower type tea. :hubba: I know there is die hard organic folks here that has some killer recipes, let...
  2. mikeydean

    Happy birthday Smokinmom

    :yay: :dancing: :clap: Have a great day
  3. mikeydean

    any home brewers?

    Need to know how big a wort chill is? how big around...want to fit inside a 2.5 cf frig. home made chiller;)
  4. mikeydean

    water chiller

    I'm going to have to get a chiller for my res. The Active Aqua Chiller is what I'm looking at, is there anything else I need to get to make this work, something to submerge in the res? Thanks :cool:
  5. mikeydean

    It's me again

    It's a white widow auto, in NV's super soil, planted 7/23.400 watt on 20/4 problem is leaves a light greenish yellow, has spots that start greyish then turn brown like rust leaf then turns all yellow then "dead". What am I missing? ph around 6.5 to 7. I know it needs something but What...
  6. mikeydean

    ever use this?

    Pure Insect Frass, a 100% natural fertilizer, is a great way for gardeners to give their plants the nutrients they crave. Low in sodium and chloride, this water soluble nourishment can be used in a variety of ways, including as a hydroponic additive, a compost tea extra, as a foliar spray, a...
  7. mikeydean

    Can't work today!!

    It was 40" long 27" girth 33.8 lbs. Just gotta go today!!
  8. mikeydean

    silly question!!

    If I make up my super soil now will it still be ok by the end of October? Have to gather ingredients when I can afford them. Going to use NV's mixture @3.5 gals. with 1.5 gals. of regular soil in a 5 gal bucket. Any concerns??
  9. mikeydean

    So pretty!!

    Don't know the name but it's so pretty!! It changes from an orange looking to red and white. So cool.
  10. mikeydean


    I've had some cuttings for around two weeks and still no sign of forming roots. Should I wait longer or chunk'em? Other cuttings took at same time are rooted and planted but others are slooowww Have them in a cloner bucket using Clonex
  11. mikeydean

    what to clean

    I have a Control Wizard nute monitor, was wondering what to use to clean the probes with...the stuff that is recomended, Rejuve not avalible, so amozon says. any thoughts??
  12. mikeydean


    Seems that my PPM are rising slighly over 2 or 3 days. they jump about 50 to 75ppm any conserns or thoughts??? have added H2o2, 10cc to 40 gal. res to see if that helps
  13. mikeydean


    Have a few :hubba: mites:o ..I'm running a RDWC system ,40 gal. GH nutes, ph 5.6. Question is ...what% do I need to run in with my nutes to rid the little things?? OH!!! they are in the 3rd week of veg under 2 600watt cooltubes @ 75% temps are 76 day and 70 at night... thanks
  14. mikeydean

    Why so hard?

    Does anyone else have problems cloning G13's? :hairpull: Have some cuttings that was took 23 days ago roots :mad: Have some that are 45 days old that dang near eat there self up before rooting. Still slow growing Have tried rockwool, mister bucket, even just stuck them in...
  15. mikeydean


    I have 3 18 gal. totes with 3 plants each...was wondering if adding this will help with root develpment? I am using GH nutes so will they mix?:confused:
  16. mikeydean

    Red walls

    Seen in Gardener's Digest Red mylar, has anyone tryied it? :D
  17. mikeydean

    On there way!

    :woohoo: Shipping conformation on a 10 pack of SATORI:icon_smile: :clap: Will take all how to comments to heart! Seems so many here have and still grow it that I want to know what you know!!:D
  18. mikeydean


    Anybody use this mixed in with there nutes as prevention? If so how much and how often???
  19. mikeydean

    How Too?

    I have a bubble magic:cool: type machine,freind wants me to run some shake for him . Question is, how much do I charge him? Not sure about the quality of shake so not sure i want any of the hash..
  20. mikeydean


    Is 8080 lumnes per sq ft toooo much :hubba: