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    Growing Software

    Anyone use grow tracking/yield tracking software?
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    Favorite CBD Brands

    For those who use CBD products, what are your favorite brands?
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    Growing Applications

    For the homebrew beer industry there are SaaS based apps to help you keep track of your homebrew beer. and BeerSmith is a good example. Each brewing session you track through the process, input data into the process, then at the end taste/evaluate so you have detailed easy to...
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    Anyone grow near Denver?

    Anyone here have a legal commercial grow in the Denver Metro area?
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    Growing MP

    With more and more States coming online, crosses fingers on this Fall's elections, I thought it would be worthwhile to get input on MP. Things like: Is there anything another forum has that you would like to see here? Is there anything broken or not functioning as you want? Does the...
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    Last Month was Best MP Month in Years!

    Looks like the hobby is expanding! Last month was the most traffic and highest amount of posts in a month MP has experienced in the last two years. Very exciting to read all the new growers posts and see old friends back. :ccc:
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    Our domain registrar did some wonky stuff with our DNS records, should all be fixed now.
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    Apple Bans Mass Roots - Cannabis Social App Wow! After being active so long and having hundreds of thousands of users Mass Roots got pulled.
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    Cannabis Cup

    I went on Saturday and it was busy! Probably one of the longest lines I've ever seen. Overheard someone say they had been there for four hours. By pure luck we parked in some industrial area and a HT employee parked behind us. We asked if they would get us in and they did through a side gate. So...