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    Hello All!

    Thread cleaned up from some of the antagonistic back and forth.
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    Growing Software

    Anyone use grow tracking/yield tracking software?
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    Favorite CBD Brands

    For those who use CBD products, what are your favorite brands?
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    MJ Passion converting to new software

    E-mail is back working now.
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    Growing Applications

    For the homebrew beer industry there are SaaS based apps to help you keep track of your homebrew beer. and BeerSmith is a good example. Each brewing session you track through the process, input data into the process, then at the end taste/evaluate so you have detailed easy to...
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    Anyone grow near Denver?

    I'm going to be in Denver in a few weeks and stopping by a few small operations. Thought it might be cool to meetup with some community members if one grew in the area.
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    Anyone grow near Denver?

    Anyone here have a legal commercial grow in the Denver Metro area?
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    Marijuana "Miracle" - NEW Study Finds THC REMOVES Toxic Buildup That Causes Alzheimer

    Since I have to older uncles with it, I hope the research can be done, too.
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    PM problems

    I just ran a maintenance. It may help with this situation. Please try PMing again and report how it goes. Also, what Win version are you using, and what browser?
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    Wow, spam bot got us. LOL

    Hackerman is unbanned. Don't know how he got caught in the clean up. There were several other registered spammers that I was cleaning up, and I apologize to Hackerman for him somehow being banned. His reports of the spammers have helped in the clean up.
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    Wow, spam bot got us. LOL

    Joe420Camel is not banned, and neither is the IP you both post from.
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    Wow, spam bot got us. LOL

    The clean up appreciation belongs to Rosebud. I'm just helping her today, and changing some settings so she can help keep the bots at bay.
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    Growing MP

    It should auto-size, can anyone upload an image at all? Might be a bigger issue.
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    Growing MP

    What exact error do you get? The file size allowed is massive, 40mbs for images, 1200x1200 in size.
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    Growing MP

    With more and more States coming online, crosses fingers on this Fall's elections, I thought it would be worthwhile to get input on MP. Things like: Is there anything another forum has that you would like to see here? Is there anything broken or not functioning as you want? Does the...
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    Page doesn't fit on my screen ?

    I'd really like to get Bud of the Month going again, would need some volunteers to manage it all, I can update the HTML easily now.
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    Page doesn't fit on my screen ?

    Nice to know it was fixed.
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    Page doesn't fit on my screen ?

    Can someone post a screen shot so I can see what is wrong.
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    Page doesn't fit on my screen ?

    Did this get resolved? And if not resolved, what computer win version and browser are you using, or app?
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club

    Since yooper420 is having a bad day with photos, I am just trying out photos on this thread, it can be ignored. Not MJ, but at least green.