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    Close to harvest odd issue

    Ok guys hate to ask again i have 1plant in soil outdoors started flower in last week of july what i call budets lol shes looking good my first grow i noticed some amber tricomes today on my top and best lookin buds but i seen this its soft not brittle and this plant is over 6' tall white tahoe...
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    Hey there I searched several threads didn’t see this anywhere I am about 2 weeks away I think was wondering if anyone knew if I hang in basement in the dark, within 5 feet of my dehumidifier set on 70% for a few days and check a couple times a day with hydro should this work? Then jar this is my...
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    Bud washing

    Hey everyone hope all are doin well got a couple new pics to show as well as a couple of questions, first one is bud washing is it recomended for an outdoor grow and the second one is here inTn our county is know for producing the worlds finest darkfired tobacco with that will the heavy smoke...
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    Outdoor recomend

    Newbie here finishing up some whitetahoe as we speak can any one recomend a strain that does well here in the south outdoors high humidity lots of rain maybe mold resistant will be in soil any help will be greatly appreciated
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    Can anyone help with this issuess or some one jump right in and offer some ideas this is white tahoe cookies growing outdoors ph all over 7 in tn dirt

    This is 3 weeks in to flower been really fun for my first time i dont want to mess it up now please help