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  1. yooper420

    The Original Old Farts Club

    Boys and girls, men and women, old and not so old, this is the place to see and be seen. All are welcome as we start anew.
  2. yooper420

    Oldie but Goodie.

    I am back after a long, long absence. Have been lurking and reading. Seems like some of the old peeps on MP are gone. Will have to make new friends and renew old ones.
  3. yooper420

    Freebies from Sierra Natural Science

    Got my freebies from Sierra Natural Science today. Sample pack consists of : SNS 604A Roots and Vegetation Natural Growth Supplement SNS 604B Buds and Flowers Natural Growth Supplement SNS HydroBiotics SNS 217C All Natural Spider Mite Control Here`s the picture proof. Opps can`t load pictures.
  4. yooper420

    Humidifiers.....What`s a good one ?

    Need to buy one for my grow room. Mine all quit. My room measure`s 7'x7'x7', but only use half for flowering in, 3 1/2'x7'. Any comment or suggestion welcome, just need to hear some thoughts.
  5. yooper420

    A Growers Journal, yooper style.

    Eighteen seeds took the dirt dive yesterday afternoon. Here`s the aftermath for your enjoyment. Searched through my small collection and here`s what I come up with. Dr. Grinspoon, only one feminized seed left. Ghost Train Haze #9, from Rare Dankness, 4 of them. Ghost Train Haze #9 x Ghost...
  6. yooper420

    Companion Plants To Grow With Cannabis

    I grow a big pot of Marigolds right along with my cannabis plants. Bought a small pot of Marigolds 10 years ago. Just harvest the seeds each grow. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil and cover with soil. Use spray bottle to water at this stage. Made this suggestion on another forum. A couple...
  7. yooper420

    Veterans Day

    Thanks to all veterans who served our country and helped to keep the American way of life alive and well. At 4:20 this afternoon, let`s have all of the veterans on MP toke up together. Fire up a joint, a bong, a vaporizer, a water pipe and enjoy a moment of togetherness today. Thanks to all...
  8. yooper420

    Dirt Farmin` / Favorite Dirt

    My favorite dirt is Sunshine Mix #4. On my 6th grow using it. Bottom line...I ain`t switchin` any time soon. On my present grow, 11 plants, 8 in Sunshine, 3 in Dr. O`s Universal Growing Medium. This is a local product I picked up at the Cannabis Cup in Mich. back in July to try. Now down to 7...
  9. yooper420

    Dirt Farmin` / Best Cheap Device

    A very cheap device, $10.00 or less, that you can use everyday to keep from over watering your girls. It`s a very simple to use Moisture Meter. Ya stick it in the dirt and read what the needle points to. Easy enough huh ? I have used one for over forty years. Use it and believe it.
  10. yooper420

    DIY Salvage Shelves

    DIY Salvage Shelves. The 2 x 2`s on the wall were salvaged from an old ice fishing shanty, the rails and shelves and "mini greenhouse" are from an old refrigerator. Only cost to me was the screws to hold it to the wall.
  11. yooper420

    Time, Time, Time

    Sure would be nice to be able to have the time zone you are in listed. Much easier to keep track of things. Thanks for any consideration on this matter. yooper420
  12. yooper420


    Home of all the old farts, the over 50 folks. All we wanna do is grow our medicine, medicate and enjoy life. All old farts are welcome to come aboard, we do not bite (at least not hard anyway). Peace.