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  1. Hushpuppy

    Genetic issue

    I have a plant (strawberry sour diesel) that I have run one time and saved a clone from it. The plant did very well on its first run but the clone has done nothing but struggle. I have tried raising the pH some and lowering it some but this thing seems to be genetically weak. This plant is...
  2. Hushpuppy

    Never noticed this before

    On my last 2 grows, the plants (Pineapple Chunk and Strawberry sour diesel) have shown considerable trichome growth on all of the fan leaves that are in light, no sugar leaves on them yet as they haven't gone into flower. They are showing up on plants under full veg light and continue throughout...
  3. Hushpuppy

    Simple top-feed ring

    I found that I needed better coverage of my watering into coco in my larger pots. I do a hybridized system of RDWC with top-feed into 12" netpots. I use smartpots to hold my coir in to prevent it getting into rez. I had 2 watering lines to feed each pot but still found that I was getting dry...
  4. Hushpuppy

    Any ideas?

    I just transplanted one of my plants and on the bottom of the pot was coco chips to help hold in the coco coir above. One of the chips fell off and I saw this on it through a 30x loupe. I had issues with root rot back in the first part of summer but not in the next set that I just harvested...
  5. Hushpuppy

    Peeps, I gotta question

    I have had some issues with Pythium in my hydro setup of late. I have heard people using H2O2 to help prevent that. I have never had to deal with that until this year. I got a chiller that keeps my rez around 66f-70f depending on outside temps. (small grows are a challenge to maintain temps...
  6. Hushpuppy

    Here's one for the trouble shooters

    So a few weeks ago I took 3 cuttings and put them in rapid rooters and then set the rapid rooters in cups of coco coir/pearlite mix. Pretreated my coco with solution of calmag to balance the coco. Set plants in domed box and rooted them very quick (10days they began to show growth). I took them...
  7. Hushpuppy

    My wine bottle/bud jar rack

    So I ran out of room in my little drying fridge and had to build a larger drying cabinet. Then my fridge became a storage for my jars O bud, but ran out of room. So I built a wine bottle rack that holds 18 jars that each hold 2oz of bud :eek: and already its obsolete.:doh: dry/cure containers on...
  8. Hushpuppy

    The Borg has attacked

    My girls are under attack and the Borg is trying to assimilate all my pretty buds :eek: I already have the stuff for wiping them out but I am wondering about all the web and dead spidermites. Can I smoke them? After-all turnabout is fair play right :D Or should I wash them off with water hose? I...
  9. Hushpuppy

    Mildew issue

    I have been growing in my little "out-building" and I pull my intake air in through an adjacent building, but I have been fighting an ever increasing mildew issue since I began. During the summer its worse because of the high humidity but I am wondering if I use a T5HO UV light along with a...
  10. Hushpuppy

    Goji Harvest

    I wouldn't normally post this here but for the learning of others, this is a great harvest of a very high end plant that was made less great because I couldn't keep the heat down in my grow below 80f. A lot of weight and they are going to be great buds but it is "foxtail" central.:doh:
  11. Hushpuppy

    Dry Ice hash house

    So I like to make dry ice hash with all of my trim. But the one problem that I have with it is the trim can get rather dusty sometimes if I let the trim cure too long. While shaking out the resin glands, you can get a lot of fly away material that will get everywhere in the room. So I decided to...
  12. Hushpuppy

    Vendor warning

    For all who know me here, I have touted the customer service of an online company called "" I used to buy almost exclusively from them but recent events have caused me to cease any and all business with this company, also known as "Aladin's lights". My last order...
  13. Hushpuppy

    DIY dryer

    So I found that using a dryer box/cabinet/tent is the better way to get good, even, and mildewless drying done on bud. I first built a cabinet and placed screen shelves on it at about 6"-8" apart. I cut small holes in the bottom of the dryer and a single 4" hole in the top. to the top I attached...
  14. Hushpuppy

    A little Bud Porn anyone?

    Just went and smelled some flowers :farm: And they smelled like I need to do some harvesting :D This is my Blue Dream which is going to get a topping this weekend :D
  15. Hushpuppy

    Something to consider

    I'm not yet stoned so this may be really bizarre to consider. :doh: We love to stick our noses into flowers of many plants and sniff away at the wonderful odors that are being emitted there. At the same time, we scoff at dogs and cats who go around sniffing each others' genitals. I...
  16. Hushpuppy

    Merry Smokemas

    I would like to wish everyone here at the forum, members and guests a very happy and safe holiday. Don't let the crazy weather and crazier people in this world get you down this season. A very special shout out to all of our armed service members and veterans. Iff there is a god out there, I...
  17. Hushpuppy

    Pup's new grow journal

    So I am beginning a new journal here with my latest grow. I have right now one Afghan Kush Auto, which is the biggest one pictured here. I also have to Bubble Crush which are the next size down, and one each of Larry OG Kush and Sugar Black Rose. The BC and SBR were gifted to me by a friend here...
  18. Hushpuppy

    The Marijuana Passion Slang and proper Terms and definitions

    This being a Beginning growers Forum, there are many things for beginners to learn, and the terms that we use here that are either slang or proper terms for Marijuana growing, is an important part of the learning curve for new growers who come to this forum. We feel this will help you in...
  19. Hushpuppy

    welcome to Growers 101

    Welcome growers to The Marijuana Passion. :welcome: If you are new to growing Marijuana or just starting your grow, or are just thinking about it, and you are looking for help with anything from the basics of growing Marijuana to finding places to get the materials needed, this is the thread...
  20. Hushpuppy

    Did Someone say Bud Porn