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  1. username812

    leaves are turning yellow

  2. username812

    Help Stat!!

  3. username812


    how much weight is generally lost during drying/curing?
  4. username812

    nutrient question

    i have fish emulsions(5-1-1) for nitrogen, bonemeal for phosphorus and kelp(0-0-1) for potassium, all of my plants are having the same problem, the bottom leaves turn yellow with brown spots and eventually die off, ive looked around and have come to the conclusion that i have some kind of...
  5. username812


    just got them yesterday from a vet, they are brother and sister that had been abandoned behind a building, we were only going to get one but you know, they're kittens. this the girl this is the boy (havent thought of names yet)
  6. username812

    could this be a problem

    ive tried proping it up to see if it could hold it self but it just falls back to where it was, im not really concerned about, just wondering if it could cause problems down the line, if you cant tell whats going on, the very base of the stem has a done a 360
  7. username812

    another problem

    the leaves started turning yellow a couple days ago and now they're starting to droop and get brown spots , ph is fine, i flushed them a few days ago havent watered them since. here are couple of pictures , its kind of hard to see but its the best i have. since this morning the leaves have...
  8. username812

    temp question

    can high tempatures overnight turn leaves yellow?
  9. username812

    just realized something

    how do i know which way my bulb should be positioned, i was just reading about hid lighting and realized i never put any thought into i just put it horizontal. its a 250w mh from home depot. anybody have any ideas?
  10. username812

    some old pics

    i found these pictures on an old floppy disk so i figured id share... the bud is some hollands hope someone grew and brought back from amsterdam and the bubbler was once broken but amazingly got repaired
  11. username812


    are there certain strains like high tempatures because a couple days ago i sealed up my growbox and the tempatures been staying around 90 - 95 and i also flushed them yesterday but theyve been growing like crazy since the tempature raised 10 or 15 degrees
  12. username812


    can someone help me out with this, ive looked around and cant figure it out, it started just as two spots on one leaf but it starting to show up in a few different places now. one is also drooping.
  13. username812

    quick question

    my plants leaves are drooping and curling slightly, i just watered them yesterday and thats when it happened, i was just wondering if this is normal.
  14. username812

    what should i do

    i have 3 different organic fertliizer, one for nitrogen, one for phosphorus, and one for potassium, i know nitrogen is needed more in the beginning and phosphorus at the end and whatnot, but should i be adding them all at the same time or a different one each week, like i would use the nitrogen...
  15. username812

    is it possible

    to wire a CMF fan without an adapter, i have other plugs just not adapters, the fan says 12v DC
  16. username812


    one of my plants fell over last night and now if i tried to stand it up the leaves are at a 90 degree angle, should i leave lying down or should i try and stand it back up?
  17. username812

    fertilizer Question

    what is the difference between potash and phosphorus(sp)?
  18. username812

    my retarded baby

    think itll be ok?.... trying to get a better picture.
  19. username812

    garden shops

    anyone know about any good garden shops in the boston area?
  20. username812

    another question

    sorry about all the questions/concerns, but the larger of the two seedlings seems to be getting weaker as the day goes on, please tell me im being impatient and its nothing to worry about.