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  1. Alasgun

    Upgraded the little bopper / tea machine

  2. Alasgun

    One kinda nice picture

    Took this yesterday, your looking at a pair of Dutch passion b.berries in the for ground and a g.s cookie in the back. 4'weeks into flower.
  3. Alasgun


    Im running the test In the first picture, which it passed and was installed in the "White House" this evening. * It took around 2 hours to deliver almost a half gallon uniformly to each of the ten locations. These are 1/2 gph pressure compensating emitters which are designed to be run at 15 psi...
  4. Alasgun

    Im reading where several of you been to the Dentist lately

    and thought it might be time to show you some of the teeth i've made! This started years ago when a friend of mine got a front tooth replaced somewhere in Asia. Of course it fell out within a month and i popped off telling him id make one that would stay in. Well, a dozen years later im still...
  5. Alasgun

    Seed library list

    Well, the other day i decided to update the list knowing i was a little behind. then i realized how far over the top my collecting habits have become. heres the list in no particular order. Painkiller xl, cbd remedy, rmg cbd pheno, cbd bomb, penny wise, tj gardens cbd, barneys cookies kush, mmg...
  6. Alasgun

    The little bopper, micro brew “2”

    Heres another version of a diy tea maker, anything important is shown in the 3 pictures. The clear water picture was taken with only one gallon of water in the bucket because when its full itll throw most of it out on the floor, thats called “breaking the surface tension”. You cant do that with...
  7. Alasgun

    Rosin press build

    Its raining here today and i cant dig potatoes so im getting to spend some time on my press project. There will be a lot of mill time and a little welding go into it and i thought id treat it like a grow for those of you who arent familiar with machine work. This first piece is the support base...
  8. Alasgun

    All the good stuff starts here - in the Worm Bin

    I put this bin together almost two years ago. At the time i knew nothing about it so i followed the instructions and everything worked, sorta! Its 4 ft long, 2 ft wide and 2 ft deep. My bedding is 50/50 promix and weed dirt and its a little over a ft deep. Theres an 8 inch wide piece of gutter...
  9. Alasgun

    Co2 fermenter

    My inquiring mind is inquiring again! Lots of information here and else where spelling out the pros and cons of generating and or using co2. Plenty of "your wasting your time " info relating to the fermentation method, which is where my interest lies. Most of the negativity centers around...
  10. Alasgun

    Medical marijuana genetics Candida CD1

    We're all about growing to provide meds for my wife and a lot of reading has gone into identifying potentially helpful strains. Our last grow contained 3 of the candida strain and i found it easy to grow, it developed a very uniform cannopy without much work on my part and was a decent producer...
  11. Alasgun

    Ever had your nut sac stuck in a rifle barrel?

    I first had this over on my "theres more to life than weed " post then thought it probably needed its own space, enjoy.
  12. Alasgun

    Variations in light cycle

    Been reading DJ Shorts grow book and find his opinion on shorter light cycles interesting. I dont know him and he might view me as a piss ant due to my lack of weed growing knowledge so i thought id open up a conversation with you guys and see what transpires. Im more interested in why you do...
  13. Alasgun

    Germination woe's

    Being kinda new at this im inclined to vasilate still! Case in point, i read somewhere that the root riot cubes were the thing for seed germination and i bit! No real reason, just thinking it might be easier at transplant time i guess. Holy crap batman, over half of the beans didnt come up so i...
  14. Alasgun

    Small upstart, good prices, shipping not too bad coming from uk. Accept visa. I recently bought 5 strains from them to try em out, happy with the offerings too, they got more gear than ill every get to grow! Some of those will be included in the this falls grow. It works typing in or...
  15. Alasgun

    Improving my RSO process.

    Like most, i store the weed in qt jars in the freezer. I read one time about freezing the alcohol before washing the weed with it, dont remember the reason, think it inhibited some of the chlorophyl carrover? Dump the weed into a pan, wash it with the alcohol then set up the cooker. Anyway at...
  16. Alasgun

    The white house

    Two seasons in a cheep tent were enough for us so last fall i walled in a place and am looking forward to my first run in the "white house" next month. 3 ft 6 by 7ft 6 by 8ft tall, a pair of Lush leds, charcoal filter and fan exhausting outside, orca film walls, tarquet floor and uhmw trim...
  17. Alasgun

    There's more to life than weed!

    living in the last frontier we enjoy a lot of freedom and in keeping with my title i wanted to share some pictures from a shrimping trip i took a month ago. Mostly just mundane hohum Alaska scenery then one of our catch. Your looking at 9 gallons of spot shrimp tails. If this thread flys ill...
  18. Alasgun

    Retirement project

    In 5 months ill be slacken and in need of something to do so i started the garden project. One year ago the lot was woods. I Got it cleared and the dirt work done before winter. In March we built the greenhouse, raised beds etc. The focus has been on the greenhouse and the beds so the yard...
  19. Alasgun

    Berry bomb auto / greenhouse

    Hopefully this is not too boring for all you acomplished types! Ive got a new greenhouse this year and couldnt not try one. So i went to my seed library and pulled out a Berry Bomb Auto bean which has the best chance of finishing during our short, intense summer. They say 70 days from seed and...
  20. Alasgun

    Easy source for RSO solvent (200 proof grain alcohol)

    Always leaning in an organic direction, ive been looking for a way to buy good alcohol for my extractions. I tried dealing with an Oregon firm whose products would have worked fine but getting them to Alaska proved problematical. Here in Alaska 151 (everclear) is the allowable limit and its...