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  1. Angie


    THIS IS A NO ADVERTISING FORUM, UNLESS THE OWNER GETS THAT AD AT THE TOP FILLED. I have been deleting avatars that are nothing but business logos, and I have replaced them with the center of the forum logo. I have also just banned 20 that signed up made their logo and never posted. I will be...
  2. Angie


    Today around 10AM/Central USA our server host Digital Ocean, one of the largest server hosts, alerted to us that our servers were under a DDOS attack. We fully disagree that they were. Still investigating but don't show any evidence of it. Our host then took these servers offline until they felt...
  3. Angie

    Forum use tips:

    To disable emails you go to Preferences and then set it the way you want. Remember to save.
  4. Angie

    Introducing the User Control Panel

    I answered a question about emails. So I thought I'd introduce you to the User Control Panel. This will allow you to customize what you get. (If mobile, it will show your avatar.) Click on your member name in the Upper Right hand corner of the page: This is the User Control Panel: It...
  5. Angie

    Welcoming Bubbletrouble to staff status

    Welcome Bubbletrouble to the staff to help putembk and I keep this a fun and nice place for all of us. Thanks so much Bubbletrouble for accepting the request to be part of the team. Please give him a big welcome, and remember now there are 3 of us that can help when you need help with the forum.
  6. Angie

    Greetings! Nice to see all the new folks here

    Hi everyone. As you can see, my name is Angie and I'm site Admin and do the light technical issues, help you with features of the forum software and things like that. I also admin on the forum when needed. To the old members, the old staff as stepped down and we now have @putembk as a...
  7. Angie

    News articles about Cannabis treating Covid - 19

    Have any of you been seeing some of these articles? and other...
  8. Angie

    After Upgrade Notes.

    1. Type in the forum address, do not use a saved link. Once you have the page that has the notice that says the forum has changed clear the cookies for this forum. Then refresh the page. NOW, log in. You can save this new page. 2. If that does not work first time, try it again and clearing your...
  9. Angie

    Soon - MJP will be have a software upgrade and server change.

    I do not know exactly which day this will happen, but in the next week or so. We will be going up an upgrade version. There are some minor changes in where things like Watched threads are positioned. A bunch more smileys, and a few other things. I'm around a good bit after an upgrade, so...
  10. Angie

    Many types of members - this is a Marijuana Forum. Remember it please.

    Okay members. I am well aware there are two political leanings on this site. That is fine. This is not a Liberal Site and it is not a Conservative site. When discussing how to grow MJ you will behave and discuss that. When in the Old Timer's Club thread/s or the new Island of Misfits...
  11. Angie

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Saw this and thought of all of you. Hope you have a really good day.
  12. Angie

    Media Gallery

    There is a new feature that will be available to you later tonight or tomorrow. I have to set it up for use. It is a media (not videos) gallery. If you look at the top of the page there is a MEDIA tab. When you click on that you will see the images that members save in their Albums...
  13. Angie

    New Software Tips

    1. Little person in upper right hand is the User Control Panel. 2. Envelope is Conversations - what was Private Messages. To "delete" you will have to "leave the conversation" 3. The bell is the Alert, to show new messages on threads, conversations
  14. Angie

    MJ Passion converting to new software

    Hi all Here is your notice that the forum will be changing to XenForo software soon. Possibly as soon as tomorrow evening, or at least during this week. It is very much like this software, will look similar and controls are much like this, but better. Images will be much easier to add...
  15. Angie

    Makes bones stronger....

    I came across this via a link in Facebook and thought of you here. But you may have your own success stories about this. It is an article stating that a Bone and Mineral research shows that the CBD...