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  1. the chef

    Vape One.........

    Need a little help from the family.....bought a vape one and was wondering what do set urs at? Any tips/advice would be deeply appriciated! Thnx family!
  2. the chef

    Ho Ho Ho!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas from the cheffy to all his MP family! BIU!!!!:grinch: :48: :bong1: :bongin: :smoke1: :bong: :bong2:
  3. the chef

    A warning to all!!!!!

    I'm sitting here hammered! I just saw on the news something that just about floored me! There's a guy i use....used to supliment my stock when i get shy inbetween grows. Saw this cat last night! Seems after he met me down the road for a drop off he went home and got robbed and killed! The guy...
  4. the chef

    The Chef and the Cherylnoble....finally!

    Man o man i've been waiting to do this strain since i started growing! Growing in pro-mix bx. M/G organic for n, Alaskan nutes for P. Using all CFL's Start to finish! Cant wait till these beauties to go to flower!
  5. the chef

    Are you home?

    Hehe...had to share this with the family! I've had this problem with a constant heartbeat in my left ear that's been getting louder and louder as the weeks went on so the wifey finally took me to an urgent care facilty. After a few test the NURSE practitioner reffered me to the hospital for fear...
  6. the chef

    Lemon Nehi an all cfl grow!

    Got 8 of em in the red solo cups to germ! Gonna dig out the big boy cfl's and try to get these to harvest about the same time the bubbas are ready! Rocking the Lemon Nei old school style! Oh BTW these are auto's!
  7. the chef

    Alien Empress by Eugenics

    Was graced with some great dank to test for this awsome breeder! Out of the three i choose to start with Alien Empress! So into the red solo cups fer germ! Here we goooo!!!!!
  8. the chef

    Pre 98 Bubba Kush (Immortal flowers)

    Was graced with these to do a test grow for Immortal Flowers! Would like to give a big thnx to Supernatural for the oppertunity! Here's the start...i'll be germing these at 12:01 tonight for 420!!!!!!!!
  9. the chef

    What if......

    What if....MarP was really MarO...what if Hick was hickless....what if TheHempGoddess worked for a CFL company......what if KingKuhuanna was from Dallas....just a stoned thought:p :p :p
  10. the chef

    Hick..Goddess...Family! Gonna need your help on this one!

    Well after almost 2 yrs of cfl growing i think i've proved my point... it can be done with cfl's..and it can be well done!...The Chef finally made the switch! A guy i know pondered a question to me the other day...Seems he's getting out of the game and asked if i wanted to buy his hps...
  11. the chef

    The Chef goes to Hempfest!

    Alrighty my people i feel it's time i broke my festival cherry! I'm making plans to attend this years hempfest in Seatlle! What i need from you good people is advice, stories, What you've heard, what you know, what kinda 420 time you think i will have there! Where to be fer all the happening...
  12. the chef

    Happy b-day TCBud!

    Just a big ol happy b-day!:dancing: :bong1: :bong2: :48: :bongin: :yay: :bong:
  13. the chef

    Hey Hick! There's something you need to tell us all......

    ...... .....................wut's up! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :p :p :p Bet you thought this was going somewhere else! Bring back the flapper!!!!!
  14. the chef

    Kandy and Bubba a tale of two Kushes!

    Well here's another from ol cheffy! Greenhouse seeds Bubba kush and D.N.A.'s Kandy kush x skunk! Got 3 of each to pop and got a full house! 7 in veg and 7 in flower!
  15. the chef

    Marijuana Passions and the chef!

    Hello Family! Wasn't going to do this but seen alot of people jumping ship or just plain give up and the only problem is....the ship's not sinking! We hit some rough water but the girls still afloat! Like many others i learned to grow on MP! Since joining on i've seen alot, learned a buttload...
  16. the chef

    Where have all the good mods gone???!!!

    Has anyone heard from Hick, the Goddess or King?????...Are they still here?....Are we all alone, is all hope gone????....Are they coming back!!!!!!........Will i keep MVP status!:hubba: These things and more only if you stay tuned to AS THE MOD TURNS!
  17. the chef

    The Chef's blends!

    Alright my people! Now that we are up and running again thought id share the great news on the home front! Started this for the different strains i got vegging! Will probably turn this into my crosses that i did...dunno. Still having fun running all the single freebies and some indies to see...
  18. the chef

    Do you have this problem?

    Took the Whiteberry out fer a burp and a fluff and picked up the main cola. The problem was some of the other branches stuck to it!:holysheep: Man what a problem to have!:rolleyes: :D Anyone else have this prob?
  19. the chef

    The chef, his bubba and a mindbender!

    All right family, as summer is creeping on our back door i felt it's time to go a little wild! I've seen so many awsome pic's of bubba kush i felt it's time! So here it begins.....again! Same set up as always, seeds: Greenhouse seeds Bubba Kush and Kc Brains Mindbender! The mindbender is a kc...
  20. the chef

    Welcome to our new sponsor!

    :bong: Don't know if there's a thread started on this but a big ol HOWDY ! to our newest sponser SUBCOOL! In case you have noticed but not only the man himself but his boss Mizjill has been rockin the threads latley. So lets all give a big bong rip to TGA SUBCOOL and a big howdy to Mzjill.:bong: