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  1. drfting07

    Hey guys! Anyone need help?

    Been a while. Thought of the many I know here, and thought this would be an appropriate place to ask. Anyone know of a good source for trimmigrant work? Looking to get out west and experience this boom, it is close to that time of the year. I'd be interested to hear your opinions and experience...
  2. drfting07

    Hello, world!

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is well! Been a while, huh? I know there will be A LOT of new faces here. Miss and love you all!
  3. drfting07

    Post your 3 gallon pot in full flower.

    Edit: Post your girls in 3 gallon pots! i would think there will be plenty of people who can contribute. Thanks, Post Away! D7
  4. drfting07

    some quick shots of the garden

    :farm: I like tomatoes. ~44 plants Cherokee Purple (My Favorite) Mortgage Lifters (Radiator Charlies & VFN) and Sun Gold Cherries. I have Black Krim and maybe Hillbilly Potato Leaf going in also.
  5. drfting07

    Drfting's Greenhouse Project

    Please feel free to chime in on additions, tips, constructive criticism, Heres what ive got so far. Looking at about $350 to complete. I was gifted the greenhouse frame, Exciting stuff!!!
  6. drfting07

    Drftings 2014 Outdoor

    Whats up Passion? :bong: Heres comes another beautiful start to spring. I see everyone is gearing up for a big outdoor season this year. Here is what i have started for Outdoors. These are the 6 females so far. All from seed, 7 weeks veg. Still have 4 unknown, all of which are leaning...
  7. drfting07

    Drfting07's K.I.S.S.S.

    Drfting's Keep It Simple Super Soil Outdoor Use Hey guys and gals I just bought a truckload of bagged soil/compost today and im about to start mixing. Just giving you guys a look into how i build my mix. Over the years ive tryed several different methods that correspond with what i have...
  8. drfting07

    Drfting's 2013 Organic Outdoor Grow Show

    I'M BACK! Bigger and better than ever! MUHAHAHAHA You didnt think i was gone did you? no way! Here's what i got. TLO Soil Mix Base Mix (~16 cubic feet) 4x 1cf Bags Fafard Premium Potting Mix 1x 2.2cf Bag Fafard Organic Peat Moss 3x 36qt Bags Blue Ridge Super Compost...
  9. drfting07

    Drfting is going indoors; "The Shed"

    So I've done my homework, came up with a plan and have a general idea of what im going for. Ive decided an insulated 8x8 shed with an enclosed gable roof would be ideal for my growing hobbies. Im looking to use this during the fall, winter and spring and shut down in the summer. Ive found a...
  10. drfting07

    Some people are just set in their dumb, blind was.

    :angrywife: :hitchair: :mad: I really do despise some people. The other day a friend and his girlfriend were at the house, early before my girlfriend and i got out of bed, mind you they are african american. We let them use our property as a "safe house" when they want to spend...
  11. drfting07

    Building "The Grong" or DIY Gravity/Bong

    :ciao: MarPassion :) A buddy and myself stumbled upon this while building a regular gravity. Big hits like a grav, but water filtered like a bong. Gets the job done! :stoned: Just hit the prototype.....:fly:
  12. drfting07

    Organic Bloom Fertilizers, so many choices!

    Ive been doing some unfamiliar research lately. This season, instead of using a dry organic fertilizer like Dr. Earth Organic 8, ide like to try a one part liquid fertilizer thats is MJ specific. Here are some Ive found. General Hydroponics: Bio-Bud Roots Organic: Buddha Bloom Fox Farm: Big...
  13. drfting07

    Miracle Gro Loves Medical Marijuana

    From East Coast Marijuana dot Net Miracle Gro Loves Medical Marijuana Its no secret that in the states where medical marijuana is legal there has been a steep incline in the amount of hydroponic supply stores. But did we all forget about a few of the biggest suppliers of lawn and garden...
  14. drfting07

    Organic Teas! Whats your brew?

    Thought I would start a kind of tea recipe thread. A lot of people enjoy brewing their own, and using it as a primary organic food source, as a supplemental tea, or as a foliar apray. There are so many different additives and ratios people use. Maybe this will clear up a lot of "newby-ish"...
  15. drfting07

    Be sure to cast your vote!

    I encourage you guys to go to the April MVP thread and cast your vote! :D Vote for who you feel represents MarPassion the best, and of the 4 nominees (I believe its 4) vote for who you feel has helped you out the most in the last 30 days. Best of luck to everyone! (and no, you dont have to vote...
  16. drfting07

    Drfting's Backyard (bloom porn)

    Heres a little montage of whats going on in my Organic Backyard. I think its safe to say its SPRING TIME! :D Drfting07;)
  17. drfting07

    Food for thought......

    If we get olive oil from olives, corn oil from corn, hemp seed oil from, well...hemp seeds..........than where do we get baby oil from?! :eek::holysheep: Drfting07
  18. drfting07

    Had some amazing crab dip last night....

    ...and some GOD AWFUL farts this morning.:holysheep: That is all, talk amongst yourselves.
  19. drfting07

    How am I doing? FIM/TOP/LST project

    So I've had this little beauty for about 5 or 6 weeks now. 8 or 9 nodes counted. Its a bagseed run i did. Some of you may remember i wanted to do a trial run with my soil-less mix, using solo cups and veg as long as i could in my very confined area. Well the soil-less mix is right on track! Im...
  20. drfting07

    Drfting says hello!

    Bored and wanted to spread some Mojo...what do you guys have going on? I just started a satori adventure, check out the journal! :hubba: Whats on you plate MPers? :D