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  1. The Hemp Goddess

    Heading to Southern Oregon

    So, we have been looking around Oregon for a while now for an inexpensive property that would suit our needs. We wanted something not in town with a little bit of land (but not too much). The home itself mattered less than the property and location. We found a piece of property we like about...
  2. The Hemp Goddess

    Anyone Growing in a Greenhouse?

    It has become obvious to me that I'm going to have to build a proper greenhouse if I want to grow where I am living. Although I only moved about 75 miles from where I was, the temps are quite different as I am further north and higher. On the plus side, I am not going to have to try and deal...
  3. The Hemp Goddess

    OA Seedbank

    I tried a new seedbank this year. I wanted Satori seeds and a seedbank that accepted credit cards. I don't really understand Bitcoin and didn't want to have to use it. OA seedbank had all the strains I wanted and they took credit cards. I had to e-mail them twice because I was stupid and...
  4. The Hemp Goddess

    Happy Birthday Rosebud

    Hoping you have a great day! Wish I was there to share a bowl (or 10 or 50) with you. :48:
  5. The Hemp Goddess

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that you all have a day filled with love and happiness!
  6. The Hemp Goddess

    Dry Ice Hash

    I have got a lot of small bud and good trim that I want to make dry ice hash with. As I generally have made bubble hash with ice before, any words of wisdom will be appreciated. Dry ice is so much easier and faster. Should I decarb before I make the hash or decarb the hash? Do you freeze...
  7. The Hemp Goddess

    Best Rosin Press for the Money

    I really want a decent rosin press, but the cost is prohibitive. So, I have decided that I am going to see if I can find several people in the same boat in my area and go in together on a rosin press. There are several people here that I knew from Idaho that have expressed interest. Also my...
  8. The Hemp Goddess

    Solar Eclipse 2017

    I am getting rather excited about the eclipse. Both my place in Oregon and my place in Idaho are in the path of totality. I experienced a partial solar eclipse in 1979, that passed over the NW US. I can say that I understand why solar eclipses freaked out primitive people. Even when you know...
  9. The Hemp Goddess

    High Heat Low Humidity

    The forecast calls for at least 2 weeks of temps in excess of 100. Along with this high heat, we will experience low RH--oftentimes in the single digits. This low humidity is as worrisome as the heat. So, what are some of the things that others do to protect their plants in times of high...
  10. The Hemp Goddess

    Hemp Goddess' Garden

    Just a quick shot of the backyard. I have 8 plants in 20 and 25 gal fabric plants. I have soaker hose run to each one that is on an automatic timer. Want to try and keep it simple for my sis and her friend as I have been in Idaho alot. I have 2 other smaller plants that I have not...
  11. The Hemp Goddess

    Vape Concentrates

    Anyone making their own vape concentrates? I am getting more into the e-cig type vape pens you can buy at the dispensaries as the selections get more varied. So, after paying almost $80 for 1 gram of Harlequin, naturally, I am wondering if I can make it cheaper than I can buy it. I have...
  12. The Hemp Goddess

    Hardening Plants

    I am wanting to start hardening my plants off to get them outdoors. They are currently under a 1000W HPS 18 hour a day. How do you all do it--how many hours a day, how many days? I am in eastern Oregon. Any advise?
  13. The Hemp Goddess

    Lots of Questions about Outdoors

    First, I am going to be growing in raised beds and/or large grow bags--20-25 gal. My first questions are about soil mixtures. What do you all put into your soil mixes? Should I make up a super soil? Next, how far apart should I put the plants? I will probably get 2 or 3 4' x 8' raised...
  14. The Hemp Goddess

    Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. May you all have a wonderful time with family and friends.
  15. The Hemp Goddess

    High CBDs, Very Low THC?

    Looking for something for my youngest sister who has arthritis. THC affects her adversely. She gets anxious even with more indica strains. So I am on a hunt for something with high CBDs and virtually no THC. The only thing I have found is CBD Therapy by the CBD crew. It has high CBDs and...
  16. The Hemp Goddess


    My neighbor has 4 plants in his yard that are not fenced in. Today when I went out to the shed, I looked over at his plants and to my horror, they looked male. A closer look revealed that he has 4 male plants ready to drop pollen. How exactly do I talk to him about this? How do I convince...
  17. The Hemp Goddess

    Anyone Keep Goats?

    I am thinking of getting 2-3 smaller breed goats to keep the back part of the property "weeded". I already have a small animal barn and fencing. The previous owners kept goats, chickens, and bunnies. The fencing at the back of the property will need to be worked on a bit, but I have a good 6'...
  18. The Hemp Goddess

    Happy Happy Birthday Rosebud

    Rosebud, hope you have a wonderful birthday today!
  19. The Hemp Goddess

    CBD Crew

    I got an email yesterday from Seedsman about a promo with the CBD Crew. While supplies last, if you buy a 5 pack of CBD Crew seeds (and subscribe to their newsletter, which I already did just for promos like this), you will receive another 5 pack of CBD Crew fem seeds, selected at random from a...
  20. The Hemp Goddess

    Oregon Residency Requirements

    Reading Oregon's MMJ laws yesterday, I came across something that passed July 1 (that I had never even heard of) requiring a 2 year residency to be able to get a grow license, for either MMJ or recreational???? ***? They stated that the purpose was to keep Big Business out of cannabis, but it...