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  1. gcr6bk

    Hey gang!

    Hey guys and gals! I used to use this site back in 2007 ish. I first started growing. Man I would read for hours and hours on here and eventually I started to put what I learned here to use. I have had about 8 successful grows then I gave it a break to grow a little. By that I mean, myself...
  2. gcr6bk

    Everybody that uses flours.!

    For everyone here that uses flours. throughout there whole grow what is yalls setup (light, fan, etc.)?
  3. gcr6bk

    Nice to C yall! Well what happened wuz...

    Nice to c everyone again. The reason I havent been on is because my house got broke into when we went on vacation. The police came to my house but luckily I got my friends to move my lights and pull my plants up. They also found a bong. I guess they didnt care because nothing happened, but they...
  4. gcr6bk

    Jsut wondering!

    Does anybody here think its possible to grow a bagseed plant and keep it under 15" w/ HST. Soil 3 gallon bucket 15" from top of bucket to top of shelf Bagseed Foxfarm Fert. P.H. is 6.7 CFL's (2-45 watt(warm), 2-25 watt(cool) 1-12" UV bulb P.S. Hey everyone havent been on in a while, police...
  5. gcr6bk

    Twice as long too grow!

    I have a blue mystic plant that is now 4 weeks and 2 days old and is only about 5 in. tall. I am doing LST. It just seems like its taking twice as long to grow then everyone else. I dunno whats wrong! Is it lighting, ph, etc. - Soil - just started foxfarm grow big yesterday - 4 gallon bucket -...
  6. gcr6bk

    Y wont you GROW!!!!!

    I just got some blue mystic seeds from nirvana. My plant is now 2 weeks old and is real small. i am doing a soil grow no ferts. yet, but i have foxfarm products, three cfls, fan, the ph is fine, the plant is in a 2 liter bottle for now. Could it be because I water the plant by putting a bowl...
  7. gcr6bk

    Blue Mystic Grow!

    My seed just now sprouted out of the soil after 3 days. Its in soil i got a whole bunch of foxfarm products, 6 cfl's, 400 watt hps, 2 fans. PH is around 6.4, right now its in a propel water bottle cut in half then its goin into a 4/5 gal. bucket.
  8. gcr6bk

    Got Seeds!

    Yaaaaaaaahooo! i just got my blue mystic seeds from nirvana. I kno there good because of low order. But what else? Tell me about how growing it is and is it worth it?
  9. gcr6bk

    Get good nutri.

    Yall told me to get some good foxfarm products i saw this on ebay and bought it. Is this good?
  10. gcr6bk

    Acid, Alkaline, too much or to little!

    If my soil is to acidic how do i fix that, what could i put in the soil to fix? If my soil is a high alkaline how do i fix that, what could i put in the soil to fix? One of my plants has burn looking spots on it what could this be from (nutri. burn, etc.,)?
  11. gcr6bk

    New seeds dank:) or cank :(

    i just bought some Nirvana Blue Mystic its a type of blueberry has anybody heard anything good about it.
  12. gcr6bk

    help me out!

    my plant is starting to get yellow markings on the mid-section of leaves what could be the problem?
  13. gcr6bk

    helicopters YIKES!

    you know how some police copters can sense the heat i have alot of cop helicopters fly right over my room should i be worried about my 400 watt hps light i havent hooked it up because ive been worried. Didnt know if it got hot enough in there to worry about?
  14. gcr6bk

    Too bud or not too bud?

    I have a plant that is 12 weeks old and its been in flowering for about 4 weeks. The hairs are begining to turn brown but no buds yet just long hairs and some of the leaves are starting to fall off (only like 2 have came off). Its about 32 inches and its in a 1 1/2 gallon maybe 2 gallon...
  15. gcr6bk

    mY NEW light.

    Its a 400 watt hps lamp with a 250 watt bulb. Ive had it plugged in for about 5 hours and it is now goin off and chargin back up then goin off. Does anybody know why?
  16. gcr6bk

    How is white russian?

    Heard and read about white russian. im thinking about growing some, has anybody here done that? if so tell bout it?
  17. gcr6bk

    bought 400 watt hps light!

    :D i just bought a 400 watt hps light w/ bulb off my fav. website (ebay) for only $56. How many plants do you guys/girls think i can grow under it? I just need a estimate. Ive been growin one plant for bout 7 weeks now. i just put it in flowering its the first grow thats made it past 2 weeks. I...
  18. gcr6bk

    Frost turnin plants purple!

    Does it make da weed stronger when its purple. I know frost causes it to turn purple but does it make it more potent or bigger yield or what?
  19. gcr6bk

    Last flours. question from me!

    I know what everybody says about flours. and hid's but how flours. would you need to get a good grow out of a couple lowriders? Right now i hav 5 25 watt compact flours., 1 80 watt 4' long flours., and 2 75 watt 24" flours. how much more would i need?
  20. gcr6bk

    Another lighting question.

    I dont have enough money right now for a hps lamp. I've been hearing about halogen lights are those ne better than flours. Right now all im using is a bunch flours.