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    is this true???, at least thats wat i think its is, the website says its closed , is this true?
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    Perfect Roller

    My friend recently decided to stop smoking the excellent mary jane cuz of debt problems and he game some of his old smoking shit, nice bong, glass pipe, some king size papes, a nice bud buster and this perfect roller thing, all for $20 My question is how the **** do u use that perfect...
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    stem vodlka

    my friend told me that if i put all the stems i have into vodlka and leave it in there for a long time all the THC comes out and 1 shot gets u fuckedddd. will it work? how long should i soak them? how much stem do i need?
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    trippy music

    somtimes after you bun and u listen to some music its toooooo good. i started this form so everyone can share songs that sound great when ur high or are really trippy some songs that i like are: blue berry yum yum -ludacris too nice when baked (listenin to it now) smokin buddha- Bone...
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    hash priceing

    i'm from ontario and i wanna know the priccing for the diffrent wieghts
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    i have alot of stemzz i everyone says stem tea doesnt work cuz THC is not water soluable. people also say that THC IS alchohol soluable. If u were to soke the stemz in sumin wid a high alchohol% would it work?
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    really high

    for the next few weeks i will be short on cash. how could i get the best high on the smallest amount of herb???
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    wat are some good movies to watch when u are fucked up?
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    i have a shit load of stems from all the herb i buy..... i wanna know how to make stem tea with it
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    waking up

    *** is goin on......i toke up like every night at like 2 am. I then have some munchies maybe a dumo and then i go to sleep I wanna know wat the fuc is goin on, cuz when i wake up i always feel funny (i wake up between 9-11)
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    Smoke Rings

    some of my friends can blow sick ass smoke rings......Cand someone tell me how to do it.......cuz i keep trying and i cant.
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    wat type of bongs have you used and how do you make them???
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    can they tell???

    can they tell if u smoked the day before an eye test?
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    is this a side effect???

    Can someone help me??? I have be smoking herb for like a year, on average like 2 times a week. I have also bin doin bogeys for like 6 months like 1 every 2 days every other week. Now i have a shit load for flem in my throat and it hurts when i cought. Can some one tell me why??