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  1. Budlight

    BudLights Bud room

    Some pics of what I got going on these days let me know what you think :48: Some sour diesel and white cookie
  2. Budlight

    2 new rooms

    So I'm about to start building 2 rooms 8 x 11 just curious what you guys would recommend for boarding the walls with the one room is going to be a sealed room any advice would be great
  3. Budlight

    Best cookie strain

    Who would you guys say has the most potent cookie strain in seed form because I'd like to add something new to the garden any advice would be great
  4. Budlight

    Indiana bubblegum

    So I have a really gorgeous Indiana bubblegum female and I was thinking of making a cross with her what would you guys recommend to cross her with any advice would be greatly appreciated I would like to try to keep her as as bubblegummy as possible
  5. Budlight

    HIGHGRADE SEEDS seed bank

    HIGHGRADE SEEDS seed bank has anyone use these guys or know anything about them they have some pretty interesting stuff that I was looking At any advice would be great
  6. Budlight

    deep chunk mutant

    whats your guys take on this deepchunk mutant
  7. Budlight

    Cheap automated grow room controls

    What do you guys think of something like this it's very cheap and easy to set up I'm seriously thinking about something like this and the best part is you can control it all privately from your phone Followed by this...
  8. Budlight

    Any help would be great

    So I've had some hard times the last while my house was ransacked and I had to take a little unwanted holiday so everything was gone through so I was gifted some nice seeds but unfortunately because the time that has passed and cannetics is closed so I cannot check my inbox to see my messages so...
  9. Budlight

    Budlight aka smoke dog

    Just wanted to say thanks for having me excited to meet some new people learn some new things I spent a lot of time on the pot pimp site before it shut down then switched over to cannetics had a lot of bad luck the last few years hopefully looking forward to a good new year and meeting some new...