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  1. 2RedEyes

    Gallup Poll: 7 out of 10 Americans Find Smoking Marijuana Morally Acceptable

    It might be interesting to see how it lines up regionally across the states...I guess we have pot smokers here from just about all over the place...
  2. 2RedEyes

    New SF1000 dimmer?

    For a 1000 what equivalent light I wouldn’t worry about dimming...I have the same light and Used it in a 2x2 space...
  3. 2RedEyes

    St. Nicks 2020 Grow. Gorrilla Glue and Sonic Screwdriver

    Dirt!!! Lookin awesome!!!
  4. 2RedEyes

    Advice on staking

    I used stakes on my outdoor little girls to keep the cats from knocking them down after I first put them out...they are big enough now that I don’t worry too much about the cats...I think I may put my plants out a bit early...
  5. 2RedEyes

    Solo cup issue

    The method I used to use for transplanting seems pretty easy on the plants...I would cut the bottom out of the solo cup and set it inside another with holes in its bottom...fill and plant the seed...when it’s growing well, I take off the outer solo and plant the whole inner solo in a larger pot...
  6. 2RedEyes

    Seed Storage

    I believe most refrigerate and try some method that keeps them dry...mine are all just stuffed into one of those padded shipping envelopes and kept in the door of the fridge...I should probably do better...
  7. 2RedEyes

    Garden of Green grow

    It does get tight in small places...I think mine is quite smaller than yours...height is another issue I ran into this time...seems the more I tortured them into staying down, the more they stretched at start of flower...your grows are always inspiring...
  8. 2RedEyes

    at it again

    I was just admiring some gelato myself...pricey seeds though...good luck with your grow...
  9. 2RedEyes

    New here and am a novice grower

    Hey there Watkins, welcome to MP, looks like your doing it!!!
  10. 2RedEyes

    How to effectively grow the strain blue dream.

    I’m currently growing a couple blue dream auto that I somehow acquired seed for...last year I grew some for a friend who thought it might help with his diabetes...don’t know if he even tried it but I heard he recently lost a toe or two to the disease...on that cheery note...good luck with your grow!
  11. 2RedEyes

    420trout Jillybean clones.

    Bubble, I think you need a smoke...:eek:
  12. 2RedEyes

    Starting up..

    ^ yes that!!!!
  13. 2RedEyes

    Are regular seeds better than feminized?

    I’m a fairly new grower having grown maybe 10 or 12 grow cycles...first seeds I bought were from some seed producer in Spain...fem seed I think...I’ve since tried other feminized or regular seed from different sources including here on MP... I’ve not noticed a big difference in potency but that...
  14. 2RedEyes

    Buds seem small?

    Are you counting days from the switch of the lights or from when you first saw pistils? They don’t look done at all to me...I’d say you have a couple more weeks at least...I don’t see any closeups of need a magnification to see clearly the trichomes to know when to...
  15. 2RedEyes

    Check your oven temperature for decarb!

    I use jolly rancher too, more intense flavor...haven’t tried sours yet
  16. 2RedEyes

    Garden of Green grow

    Black cloth bags are better, lighter colored bags get gross!!! I turn them inside out after they dry and brush well, soak in bleach water and run’m thru the washing machine when my wife’s not looking... Nice grow Lesso
  17. 2RedEyes

    Female or Hermie

    So depending on where in the world you are...if your daylight is still short, they may go into flower mode...or they may be autoflowers, wouldn’t be the first time someone got beans other than what they thought...
  18. 2RedEyes

    Female or Hermie

    I agree with’ll know soon though...
  19. 2RedEyes

    Check your oven temperature for decarb!

    The jar contains it pretty well but of course you have to open the jar at some’ll get very little smell while it’s processing...I usually decarb at 239* for about 55 minutes...then depending on what I’m doing with the weed, usually some butter or a coconut oil for gummies...I’ll...
  20. 2RedEyes

    Check your oven temperature for decarb!

    I’ve been decarbing in an instant pot inside a quart’s pretty well regulated...under high pressure the temp is 239*...and it has a handy timer as also contains the odor at least until you open the jar but you could do that in the garage if needed...and it make a he|| of a pot...