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    Little Black Dots?

    Dman, no not really. i l stepped down a month or so ago. So good to see you. There is another site that some of the peeps are at. PM me if you want to know. I check in... it is weird i was here ten years and in a month its all gone... life goes on. We are well, as i hope you are.
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    Plants dying .

    What is on the underside of the leaves?
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    Hello I'm new here.

    Welcome ECMarley!
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    Welcome, looking yummy up there.
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    Little Black Dots?

    Bug p o o p? Rinse off with water.
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    Young plant problem

    Sounds like you found your answer. The soil. Repot. Good luck.
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    Hello everyone

    I would not add anything to the baby yet. Mojo for your grow, nice set up. You have some good advice from Orangesunshine. Let us know what you need.
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    First grow outdoors

    It doesn't look good it looks beautiful!! she looks happy too. Welcome to MP. Glad you found us.
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    Question about chef's super soil

    I still use it too, it is the best. Good to see you NC.
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    a little help

    I hate neem oil in case anyone wondered. I think your plants will be fine. They look nice.
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    How much longer y'all think?

    Looking good there. Love the strain.
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    Is manure a good soil?

    I tried to write cow p o o p, but i guess that is a swear word., ok feces it is.
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    Is manure a good soil?

    This is a stupid post, but put up with me please. My dad had the best manure.. LOL, In the corral on his farm. I used to bring bags home for my roses. I kept one bag for 10 years and finally put it in the pot garden. Who is sentimental about cow feces ? me me me. He had the best your know what. lol
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    Garden of Green grow

    Just beautiful! I haven't had an indoor look like that in a long time. So lovely. I would like to sit a spell.
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    Seeds pop, but won't sprout

    No hermi seeds will not be feminized.
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    Is manure a good soil?

    I would not recommend growing in it, but a layer on top of your soil would be nice.
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    Hi everyone. New here and seeking advice.

    Can you show us a picture?
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    Autos as strong as indicas?

    Stinkyattic, place of desperation???? that made me laugh thank you,
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    Welcome jms! nice to have you join us. Are you new to cannabis growing? IF so there is much to read here. Look around and let us know how we can help.