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  1. octobong007

    lipstick policy in school

    Subject: Lipstick in School. According to a news report, a certain private school in Washington was recently faced with a unique problem. A number of 12-year-old girls were beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the bathroom. That was fine, but after they put on their lipstick...
  2. octobong007

    movin: need advice

    well, i'm relocating to 1,000 miles from where i live now. i'm leaving the blistering hotness of the tropics and going back to the where theirs snow 6 months outta the year...i miss home what can i say. what really sucks is all they got up their is "dirt" weed...i'm spoiled, i have my own and...
  3. octobong007

    calling out the hps experts

    okies, i broke down and got a 250 hps, very unsatisfied, so i need to know exactly whats going on and can it be fixed. the plants that were flowering with t5's were and are still doing good, but i did a 1 plant dwc in a bucket and a couple ladies (one from seed, other is revegged) and they...
  4. octobong007

    pebble krispy treats

    same this as rice crispy treats only with fruity pebbles and multi-colored mushmellows ;-)
  5. octobong007

    DWC: perfect airstone!!!!!

    ok, i aint spammin or anything, only a post that makes dwc very very tempting. the item i found, i walked into a baitshop and seen this and not thinking looked at the wife and like a little kid with a new toy said "dam, that would kick *ss in a dwc system. i found them on ebay, and here's the...
  6. octobong007

    calling "superthrive" experts

    ok, went to the great wallyworld at the end of the road...picked up some superthrive. i'm wanting to know whats recommended on: 1. should i add it to 1 gallon at a time? i dont use all my nutes the same day on soil grows, would be in my ferts for a week at a time...if not, then how do i...
  7. octobong007


    thinking about adding some interesting house plants. wondering if anyone has any expiences with these on usage, growing, cloning etc....will the lights i use for my ladies also work on growing salvia? stuff like that. i'm not after links of where to do research, that i've been doing on my...
  8. octobong007

    question on roots

    ok, not sure if this was discussed but...i'm using a drip system, my roots are HUGE and i'm worried they'll get caught up in my pump. can i detain them somehow? do something to protect my pump? cut the roots without hurting the lady?
  9. octobong007

    question on net baskets

    ok here's my situation. i'm wanting to drop soil grows and go strictly hydro. the current hydro set up is a 120 gph pump going to 4 distribution hoses for a drip system thats running 1 hour on 1 off in 6 inch pots that i drilled out to make into welfare nets...i ordered in some 6 inch net...
  10. octobong007

    song for the forum...stoner style

    alot of peeps on this site has helped me out more than ya know and i wanted to do something for the site in general. it aint ozzy, randy travis, or sinatra...its a it dont make sense. it was recorded by my wife when i wasn't paying attention, no words wrote down, no...
  11. octobong007

    recording program help?

    i'm looking for a free download program to record with that works on xp and i need the format to be mp3...can someone point me in a direction on this? i'm needing to use a mic for recording, music and all.... also, if a moderator happens to look at this, i got a song to send to ya i wrote for...
  12. octobong007

    any clue what this is?

    sorry bout the crappy pic, its a cam-phone. this ladie is about 18" high and xxx-tremely fast...came from sweeeet bagseed, but it looks and smells very distictive...gonna try to rejuvy her after 1st harvest. edited: no trimming or cropping was done to her, this is how she came up naturally...
  13. octobong007

    eagle claw leaves

    i'm running a drip system using technoflora nutes, i'm in the first week of flowering, which the spider buds are looking good but one plant especially, the top leaves are curled under big time. the color looks great. i did check the trouble shooter posts and it looks like nute lock or over...
  14. octobong007

    hydro grow

    well, 4 ladies were cloned and after developing about 2 inch roots and never getting droopy (clone rate has been 100%), they were veggied for a week and a half then dropped into flowering. i'm using a few cfl's at the second, and their looking really good i think. 2 days after flowering...
  15. octobong007

    red or blue?

    i got some GE 26 watt (6g49) cfl's out of walmart, the package didn't say the temp, anyone know off hand if these are red or blue spectrum?
  16. octobong007

    question on nutes to use

    i'm running a couple hydro and a couple soil grows at the second. i'm not wanting much, only the best i can get for my lack of cash. i'm swapping out one of my t5 set-ups and diving into a 250 watt hps with remote ballast, i was told i'll definately see a difference. this is what i've been...
  17. octobong007

    changing the bud color?

    ok, bear with me here, i'm a little stoned...i know, hard to believe, but...i am. when i was young, i used to experiment with a type of "food" coloring and cant remember what kind. i would play with the color of roses, hey, we all need our release and mine's always been growing things. now...
  18. octobong007

    calling dwc experts

    i'm wanting to play with dwc, got some sweeeeeeet clones and question is, in my plant nets, how should i have my medium? example: bottom will be pee gravel then rockwool in the middle, then gravel on top. also, how much of my medium is submerged in the water? if its in all the way...
  19. octobong007

    what kind of bug?

    my ladies gots a little issue. the issue is white, xxx-tremely small, and flies. anyone got an idea what it is and what can it do? thanx.
  20. octobong007

    medium question

    i'm a noobie to the world of hydro, maybe its just smoking ALOT tonight, but i got wondering. my question has to do with the my planters, the bottom is gravel, then a 3 inch thick rockwool, then gravel on top. should i have rockwool the whole way down in one piece? broken up...