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    Wow first Indica grow... goodbye sativa

    Just wanted to share my experience growing a couple of Indica plants indoor for the first time... compared to the sativa Also wondering what other people’s experiences or opinions may be between the 2... My set up: I use a grow room in my garage. (Dimensions H2400 L1800 W1000) 1 x 600w HPS...
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    Sick plant issues. Yellow/wilted/slow growth

    Hi all, Looking for some advice again. :-( Ive tried to research and find similar looking sick plants in online forums but failed. Any advice and time would be greatly appreciated. Like my other posts have mentioned. I hadn’t had my room in operation for awhile, I decided to get it up and...
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    Leaf Discolouration and abnormal growth

    Can Anybody help shed some light into the damage and growth of these please? I was given these 2 large cuttings as clones originally. They were well into flowering stage and much larger than I expected. I decided to cut 2 smaller clones for my grow and transplanted these into soil 7 days ago...
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    Flowering clones - back to veg issues HELP

    Hi, Please HELP, I’m having some issues with my latest grow. Feel free to give me your experience, opinions and advice. SETUP * Room H-2.4m W-1m L-1.5m *600W HPS *Top Fed DWC system w/res *Rockwool I was recently given some large cuttings from a friend to help get a small grow room up and...
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    Beginner?? Why not 10 gal RDWC Top fed system???

    As a beginner to the whole indoor thing, I seem to have spent hours and hours, weeks and weeks researching hydroponics and diffrent techniques... Online Forums... Getting advice, Everything I can and the one thing I don't get is WHY do people opt to grow lots of smaller plants rather than 1...
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    Growing Feminised Seed indoor HELP

    Hi All, This is my 2nd attempt at growing some nice indoor buds. My 1st grow I was given clones and had a successful yield. This time I've tried from seed with imported feminised seeds (purple haze, Pineapple Express). I would like to hear people's thoughts and opinions on my setup and...
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    New Aussie farmer

    Decided to set up a little grow room (1500x900x2400) for myself and start to grow the green. Went with a 600w Hps light source. 2 large top fed airated reservoirs ( 1 plant each ) set up with external tank for easy maintenance and access to the nutrients. Rock wool. Large exhaust fan with...
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    Veg/Flower stages. How long?

    I started my grow with 2 clones and some tips I was given from a friend. I let them have 5 weeks in veg at 18/6 with watering times 15mins/hour... I then switched to 12/12 and changed the nutes. Wow did they take off. Its been nearly 5 weeks in flower now with same watering times and I think...