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  1. moses781

    why are they dying

  2. moses781

    Some One Please Help Asap

    I Have Been Doing A Real Good Job I Thought And I Had Some Bubble Gum Cush And They Where Flowring I Just Put Them Ino The Dark And I Noticed A Lot Of Male Pollen Sacks Why Is This And Can I Stop It Some How? And If Not What Do I Do To Not Affect The Others In The Setup?? Sincerley Moses781
  3. moses781

    push it to the limits!

    Hello friends it me moses i am here with a question about maxing your crop i am wondering if any of you know of a way to just get the maximum yield from your crop i have 6 and i just wanna push them to the max! please get back to me
  4. moses781

    my pics

  5. moses781

    pond fogger yes or no?

    hello ladies and gentle men i am here becouse i have a quick question i was wondering about a part called a pond fogger i hear it raises the humidity 80% or around their i was wondering if any one has used one of these before? and are they good?
  6. moses781

    does any one have a pic or know where?

    Hello friends it is i moses 781 i hope all is wellf or you and yours i am actually just putting my plants in the flowering stage and i am wondering when i will start seeing buds sprout?? they are 4 days into the flowering stage i am acually usingthe flora nov flower. and a nut called beastie...
  7. moses781

    tricks of the trade

    this is moses just wondering if any of you guys and girls out their no any trick or methods to increase your yield? and strenthen your thc?
  8. moses781

    harvest time

    today is my first day in the flower state i was wondering if any of you guys have any ideas or techniques to maximizing your harvest yield? and about when do you start seeing buds come out how many weeks into the flower stage??:holysheep:
  9. moses781

    im a litle freaked out pls asap

    some leaves on two of my soil plants are turning yellow and drooping the tops and center are healthy but like i said the bottom are drooping and yellow what does this mean?????
  10. moses781

    their are doing great

    hello out their to all my friends who gave me good advice i am starting to learn and catch on i had to learn on my own a bit but great news the plants are doing so super great its amazing guys my first grow and i am shocked wow wow wow i am about to start flowering here in about 5 weeks...
  11. moses781

    why are they dying

    hello people my clones just wont stay alive i have a good root hormone and they just keep dying a few minutes later they areout why what am i doing rong
  12. moses781

    what am i doing wrong?

    my soil is doing way better then my hydros i dont no what to do??:holysheep:
  13. moses781

    organic or hydroponics

    well i am actually doing bolth and to be frank the organic is smoking the hydro plants that i have i am wondering if i am doing some thing rong? they where all germinated at the same time and planted at the same time but thr soil is just doing so much better i am shocked what do you think it is...
  14. moses781

    poke poke yes or no

    i had a quick question i heard from some random guy that you can poke holes in the steam of the holy herb and it bumps the thc level has any one heard about this????? you poke it wit a needle or a staple
  15. moses781

    can i I

    hello my name is moses i just had a question i was wondering if it would hurt the plant to cut the first two leaves that come out whene they sprout ? like prun them? they they already have a set of 5 leaves one the way . the reason i asked becouse they are looking a little yellow?
  16. moses781

    how much light

    do i need fr little sprouts? am i gonna do 18/12? or whatsome one please help
  17. moses781

    my name is moses

    hello every one i am new to growing and this site looking for good friends with good advice i am very mellow and down to earh this is my first grow all the help and tips is greatly appriciated CHEERS
  18. moses781


    looking for help i dont no what kind of seeds to use for a first time grower? i just tried bubble gum but they are not sprouting? i am pissed i am very new to this and need help:2940th_rasta:
  19. moses781

    im new

    looking for new friends with good advice i am very new to growing and this site my name is moses781 very col down to earth! one question what are some good seeds for a first timer?:holysheep:
  20. moses781


    pretty new to this sit and am looking to meet new people and friends with very good advice in this subject very open minded and down to earth looking for some constructive critisism