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  1. Volcano Buds

    MJ Curing Schedule Dilemma

    I just finished my 1st harvest and dried for 5 days (I live in Colorado so it dries pretty quick) & now it’s been curing in mason jars for 5 days. So here’s the dilemma...I’m going out of town in 6 days and will be gone for a total of 6 days. My buds will have only been curing for 11 days at...
  2. Volcano Buds

    Need help fast: New harvest starting to smell musty

    I just finished my first grow and harvested early yesterday. It has had an incredible aroma until just a few hours it’s quickly beginning to smell musty. I live in Colorado, but I’ve kept the room at an RH of roughly 45%. I just felt the buds and they’re pretty moist so I opened the...
  3. Volcano Buds

    A Time to Harvest?

    This is my 1st grow & it’s been a blast! I’m now into week 9 of flower & believe I’m real close to harvest, but I have doubts & don’t want to jump the gun. I have 2 plants, grown indoors with my own RDWC design utilizing both topping and Scrogging techniques. It’s a hybrid strain called Chemodo...