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  1. octobong007

    Purple nugs (Part 2)

    gorgeous gorgeous canni-porn your showing. question 4 ya, EXACTLY how do you get your nugs THAT tight????? i'm all ears man
  2. octobong007

    Fox Farm nutes question

    it was a well kept secret till you let it out. lol, its all good...i couldn't resist. i blame my bong!!!
  3. octobong007

    Marijuana Bath......

    bet that room stunk prettttttty!!!!!! if i was him in the tub, i'd be like "dude, set me on fire and cover me with a tarp"...then i'd know how my bird feels...lucky little b***ard. thanx for the clip.
  4. octobong007

    CFL 42 watt

    oh kay, this is kinda funny. i'm VERY experienced with cfl's...yes, 65k=veg and 27k=flower, we all should know that by now. walmart DOES carry a 23watt cfl(65K), GREAT for vegging. i use 6 bulbs for 10 plants (3 in one gallon, 7 in bottoms of a 2 liter bottle) vegging is amazing. make...
  5. octobong007

    Fox Farm nutes question

    since this is a foxfarm question, i'm adding a question to this post...i have all 6 nutes in foxfarm, should i be going by the schedule or a fraction of what it calls for? for example: week 3 calls for "3 tsp/gal of GB, and 2 tbs/gal of BB"...what is recomended? or just go by 1/2 nutes as a...
  6. octobong007

    lipstick policy in school

    Subject: Lipstick in School. According to a news report, a certain private school in Washington was recently faced with a unique problem. A number of 12-year-old girls were beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the bathroom. That was fine, but after they put on their lipstick...
  7. octobong007

    movin: need advice

    hiya king, great talkin to ya again. i wouldn't smoke while moving for the main reason I BUILT MY TRAILER that i'm hauling, and i better ALL my wits with me, thats not saying much i know. and as for the winter projects, everyone on here has trained me to APPRECIATE my skills and yields, its...
  8. octobong007

    movin: need advice

    well, i'm relocating to 1,000 miles from where i live now. i'm leaving the blistering hotness of the tropics and going back to the where theirs snow 6 months outta the year...i miss home what can i say. what really sucks is all they got up their is "dirt" weed...i'm spoiled, i have my own and...
  9. octobong007

    CFL vs T12

    i've used cfl's and t-5's on 2 different boxes at the same comparison, the cfl's beat the t-5's hands down...both in 6500k of course. i was using 200 watts worth of those twisty 26 watters, to match my 200 watts of t-5's. the cfl's need gooooood ventilation, but are so worth it...
  10. octobong007

    calling out the hps experts

    the first 2 are ladies that started flowering with the hps, the other 2 were put under the hps halfway thru flowering...started with t5's. my its my imagination or just wishful thinking, but i think they've fattened up in the past couple days with the light closer.
  11. octobong007

    calling out the hps experts

    ok, give me a suggestion i can roll with, i can build anything...and i'm all for cooler temps.
  12. octobong007

    calling out the hps experts

    i cant get any pics tonight (ladies are asleep) and i never violate that rule...but tomorrow i'll get a couple on here. other than these 2 ladies, the other beans i obtained have been 100%. the plant from the dwc bucket was a clone from a lady i still have going and is bountiful with...
  13. octobong007

    calling out the hps experts

    i'm gonna try that. well, i moved the light to 7", the chart says 5" is optimum (spelling?)...and i HAD it set for minimal lumens before. i'm gonna leave the ladies alone for a few days and MAYBE the nugs will at least shoot some resin. needless to say, their getting revegged...again. the...
  14. octobong007

    calling out the hps experts

    i thought about the strain factor, but here are the probs with that: 3 plants of different strain, 2 of which i harvested once already and reveggied. one is white rhino, once is "suppose" to be purple passion, but is over 4 feet high, so that makes no sense (i thought passion was a short...
  15. octobong007

    calling out the hps experts

    okies, i broke down and got a 250 hps, very unsatisfied, so i need to know exactly whats going on and can it be fixed. the plants that were flowering with t5's were and are still doing good, but i did a 1 plant dwc in a bucket and a couple ladies (one from seed, other is revegged) and they...
  16. octobong007

    clone in plain water

    thats what the rumors are ;) but on a kitchen table there are many toxins for that tender lil lady like for starters, oils from your hands...the foreign stuff in the dust going thru the air, the poisons in any cigg smoke and if the tables CLEAN, how about the cleaning agent used...just guessing...
  17. octobong007

    Urine plus water plus sugar = co2

    please dont take this the wrong way you really want to put pee in your mouth, throat, and lungs? anything that goes into your ladies go into you. if you use insecticides on tomatoes, just spraying them, its absorbed into the fruit an organic tomatoe and tell me if...
  18. octobong007

    need intructions on how to make either aero or ebb with 5 gallon buckets

    even in joking, that statements just plain ignorant.
  19. octobong007

    ok be honest which do you love more your old ladie or weed

    i'm with what puffin says...because of me, my weed lives...because of my woman, i live. no comparison, enhancements come and go, but the real high is waking up beside my wife...but i still cant figure out why SHE puts up with a tard like me...i pick my true love, my wife. now i can go pack my...
  20. octobong007

    Agents say house built specifically to grow pot; 1,200 plants found

    "you'll find sympathy between sh*t and syphlis". if someone's growing for profit, i have no pity for them. growing for the enjoyment of the grow or even better, cause they prefer that over synthetic products that come with side all means...but those leaches that grow for profit...