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  1. N.E.wguy

    Chronic long term Lyme Help?

    :(:mad::oops:o_OHi THG!!!!!! Missed u guys sooo much... I was in a bad spot having to move on in life and lost touch with life I miss u guys! I do appreciate the response even if u cant help I know others on here can tho and just need to find them. I do need help tho and I have tons of info to...
  2. N.E.wguy

    Chronic long term Lyme Help?

    Hai.. Been a whilesince i been on here. But i really need help with possible treatments for chronic Lyme for some one in my life who also suffers from extensive additional medical issues. Babesia Bartonella Mycoplasma Erhlicia TBRF Dyautonomia Neuropathy VGKC Anyone have any info on possible...
  3. N.E.wguy


    up for awareness
  4. N.E.wguy

    Lurking No Mo'

    nice budz man welcome ! :welcome::48:
  5. N.E.wguy

    400's Critical super silver haze.

    very nice show, congrats hope the cure goes good :) !!!!
  6. N.E.wguy

    Back in the bathroom again.

    lookin pretty rosebud :D
  7. N.E.wguy

    What do people grow in

    have used a number of things atm using 1 gallon fabric bags growing 6 in coco and perlite top fed making 5 gal of nutes at a time perfect for a new grower easy to manage the ph and low cost i have 4' plants under a 6oow hps in the 1 gallons so u can get nice size plants with out getting over...
  8. N.E.wguy

    Old Fogeys first ever legal grow journal

    nice i ordered the 1200 earlier
  9. N.E.wguy

    18 Great White Shark clones 165w LED Vganic Super Crop Style Dr. ROB WHAT IS MONSTER CROPPING? Monster cropping is a relatively new training technique and is also known as Flowering Clones. It works from the phenomenon that clones taken...
  10. N.E.wguy

    short and sweet

    critical jack herer this made the best tasting shatter i ever smoked where did u find those beans
  11. N.E.wguy

    Old Fogeys first ever legal grow journal

    so are those under the King light u got ? and how far away is the light from the plants ?
  12. N.E.wguy

    Old Fogeys first ever legal grow journal

    posted in wrong place sorry
  13. N.E.wguy

    Albuquerque baby receives hemp oil for epilepsy at Children's Hospital Colorado Team Oscar Contreras , Kyle Horan 12:07 PM, Feb 13, 2016 3:52 AM, Feb 15, 2016 AURORA, Colo. - A baby girl who began...
  14. N.E.wguy

    Amblyseius swirskii

    Thanks Umbra, No problem Rose :) seemed worth posting as we all have the potential for these common enemies to appear lol oh YA that site got it ALL
  15. N.E.wguy

    Amblyseius swirskii

    No i didn't want to link any suppliers that i seen because i have no way to tell if they are good suppliers or not just thru the Ol' google search. Figured ask around here and see what we can stir up for info on suppliers and good prices, cause what I have seen they can be pricey. But I was...
  16. N.E.wguy

    Amblyseius swirskii

    ARE YOU FIGHTING SPIDERMITES??? PP Phytoseiulus persimilis. – 5P367 A predatory mite (Family: Phytoseiidae) This is the most frequently used mite predator to control two-spotted spider mites in greenhouses and outdoor crops grown n mild environments. General appearance and life history...
  17. N.E.wguy

    Amblyseius swirskii

    Anyone ever heard or used these little bad boys ? Amblyseius swirskii are an excellent beneficial mite for preventative control of thrips, whitefly and various mite species. A. swirskii adults resembles Amblyseius cucumeris in appearance and take on the color of what they are consuming. Adult...
  18. N.E.wguy

    Purple Diesel..niteshft

  19. N.E.wguy

    Grower13's closet buds

    niiiiiiccee like looking at high times
  20. N.E.wguy

    Sopappy's so so grows

    i just did it in a 5gal top drilling 5 holes in the circle and used tin snips