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    Nitrogen Deficiency in seedlings? (PICS)

    rockwool enf? ive done it, seems too wet, coco holds more air, but enf coco also too wet. switched to coco multi-drip and wowee we got a winner. dwc does fine, IF you can keep the water cooled below 70 degrees. I needed gal frozen jugs on 12 hr cycle. but it worked. im finding drip on...
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    DWC v RDWC

    I think rdwc simply makes it easier to take measurements, instead of using a single dwc bucket. I scrog 2 plants each in its own bucket, but each having undercurrent into its own control bucket. all buckets get airstones. each rez has a pump that pumps water to the top of the plants bucket...
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    Bella Ciao in Coco w/ 600w

    COCO or coco/perlite in 2 gal smart pots works great in ebbnflow. just gotta flush it a little once in a while. key is healthy roots, maybe watering small amount daily with top-feed or hand feed. when they get roots and are over 12 inches high, ebbnflow twice a day working wonders for me?! oh...
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    dry rapid rooter in veg?

    everywhere I see overfeeding it seems. this taboo of coco in ebbnflow is false. I used 2 gal smart pots, 50% coco/chunky perlite. ebbnflow twice a day working fantastic. leaves pointing up. my 1000w stays high not to bleach nothing. I may have to add a third flood...loving it and wont go back now.
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    DIY5 gallon cloning machine

    theres a myth going around that if u use coco in solo, around day 6, u can carefully remove contents from solo and put it back into solo and roots will appear next day. sure, whatever?!. I TRIED IT ON 2 CUPS AND IT WORKS!! gotta be the sudden extra oxygen. why else? just tells me to not...
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    DIY5 gallon cloning machine

    as far as water-holding rank them: soil..plugs..rockwool...coco small perlite...clay balls...big perlite... . ebbnflow with rockwool or coco/perlite might have salt builup/overwater issues and rockwool holds more water than coco. I'd prefer coco/perlite. my friends use...
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    Rosebud and Rick Simpson oil

    FYI unless im mistaken... cannaoil is different than rso tincture/hash-oil. ....cannaoil/butter involves ('decarbed' weed cooked with coconut oil, or butter), in a small mason jar, inside a crockpot 1/2 full of water for few hours. then its strained. (butter can be mixed with water as it...
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    Organics for flowering?

    about teas, too strong and your plants will suffer 10,000 deaths...dilute it. and watch closely for results for a week.
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    dwc will suffer if power goes out. without water temp <70, u will suffer. too high ppm u will suffer. because of this and my old back, ive found my final method: ebb and flow for control of things. only problem was finding a medium that works for me. ive found it: bottom of 5 gal bucket...
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    green crack i need help plzz!!

    rockwool works ok if u don't overwater. cloning in rapid rooters works well for me. when I was young I tried rockwool and most plants died due to rot or ?
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    Coco/Perlite vs. Soil/Perlite

    everybody says coco retains more moisture than rockwool and soilless. for me its perfect as I mix 50/50 with perlite. I think coco retains LESS moisture than they say. whoever they is. tried soil couple times, but seems I always screw it up due to adding 'teas'. its always over-nuted somehow...
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    Ocean Forest vs. Happy Frog

    ff contains cancer causing cadium, they wont tell u that fact. read the cancer warning on each bag. ff wishes I wouldn't point this out, im sure. most all ff has cadium. im stickin to hydro in rinsed pumice, perlite, and a dash of coco to help retain a wee bit of moisture. 3 pt gh simplest. such...
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    Multi Strain Flood and Drain...clone to flower in s.o.g.

    lesso, seems to me good idea as long as perlite doesn't 'float' toward the top. also to me im gonna try this as ive used pumice all my life with great yields. every 3 hrs did sound like too much water. pumice holds water more than hydroton. Im also gonna reverse your layers with the perlite mix...
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    80% - 20% success rate cloning???

    ive evolved with cloning. I use rapid rooters. clonex is kinda purple. I used some old clonex that was black. it killed all my clones, so start with good 'purple' clonex. next planting deep in a 'strong' soil will kill clones due to lack of air, I think. also use a weaker soil for clones would...
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    Indiana Accepts "First Church of Cannabis" Registration

    but just don't argue over the jesus part. god is supreme, but giving god a 'name' always ends up in arguments. leave it at god. doesn't mean im a scientologist. but science can get us to mars, faith alone can't. and it wont cure many diseases.
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    Indiana Accepts "First Church of Cannabis" Registration

    if I don't ingest thc, the devil will get me.
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    Rosebud and Rick Simpson oil

    hmmm peanut butter and walnut oil? sounds good. I like coconut oil or sesame oil. might try weedhoppers method. no crockpot needed. hmmm
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    Rosebud and Rick Simpson oil

    weedhopper knows his facts. hint: cooler can be made cheap with using old mini-fridge. just drill 2 holes in the side for hoses.
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    First 2000W RDWC

    heater in winter?I guess a small heater on low voltage setting I find I need to keep growroom temps at 65 or above. it has a thermostat, so only comes on when its below 65. that's the plan anyway. I have had to turn it down once but it seemed stable. im a beginner dwc but I know when the...
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    First 2000W RDWC

    chiller easy cheap way: bought 40 dollar used mini-refrig, bought a 3/4 in round drill-bit thingy, drilled 2 holes in right side, slid 20 feet of 1/2 in tubing into a hole, shaped it into a coil about 5 wraps maybe, then ran it out of the fridge. I only use it to keep dwc water rez at 68. I...