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  1. slowmo77

    Larry King live?

    i was just wondering if anyone watched CNN's Larry King live last night. they had Ron Paul debating Steven Baldwin on legalization of mj. what the ****? how is Steven Baldwin even close to the right person for Ron Paul discuss this issue with. it was just a 10 minute deal but i just thought...
  2. slowmo77

    only 24 hrs in a day?

    ok these are just my thoughts.. if your gonna use the theroy that the plant uses energy from the light to grow during the dark to produce more bud then why not just run your light for 12 hours then go dark for 24? it doesn't make sense to me to even attempt it. it makes sense to me that if...
  3. slowmo77

    bug problem

    could be fungus gnats.. is your soil wet for long periods of time? or anything else holding moisture?
  4. slowmo77

    Jock Horror Auto Grow

    BBfan, i thought the same thing about auto's but finally gave them a shot. i've been suprised so far..
  5. slowmo77

    Neem Oil question...

    what stage are your plants in? i wouldn't use neem oil in flowering ever.. when you do use it spary the entire plant and make sure you get the bottom of the leaves really good.. youll find directions on the bottle.. just follow them and you'll be fine.. if you use it in flowering your bud...
  6. slowmo77


    see im totally different with the nutes. i start feeding mine after about 7 days with 1/8 strenght grow nutes and work my way up to a full dose before they sex. when they sex i continue grow nutes till i see small bud formation not just pistils.. then i'll switch to flower nutes. so far i've...
  7. slowmo77

    Super Cali Haze outdoors

    im guessin these are fem seeds? i'll be startin a single seed of the SCH in a week or two.. good luck
  8. slowmo77

    MI5, RRF, Jock Horror Auto Grow by Jericho

    nice Jericho, i have an ER x RRF cross thats gonna have a great yeild.. the top is as big as a 2liter coke bottle. my HBD's aren't far behind yours and so far i like mine pretty good. crazy amounts of trichs on them and even the bottom buds are rock hard. i never thought i'd like auto's...
  9. slowmo77

    Autoflower nute schedule

    i don't use any light till the break ground.. but thats just me
  10. slowmo77

    Small Brown Spots 4Wks in Bloom... Help

    have you looked on the bottom of the leaves?
  11. slowmo77

    Autoflower nute schedule

    you'll read all kinds of crazy stuff like that. i would stick with proven nutes. JMO
  12. slowmo77

    Autoflower nute schedule

    i've never done a spray on mine but i haven't been growing auto's but a few months. all i use is the fox farm trio pack same thing you have. make sure everything you give them has been ph'd and let'em roll. you should do a journal so others can follow along and give help when needed. good luck...
  13. slowmo77

    Autoflower nute schedule

    im growing auto's and im using the same nutes as you. not sure where you heard auto's don't like nutes but all the ones i've grown have been super with high doses of nutes. i know alot of folks won't agree with me on this but heres what i've been doing.. when my plants have the first set...
  14. slowmo77

    Pot-growing trailer stolen from Denver trade show

    i knew a guy who would steal construction trailers full of tools. he had this thing made from steal that would go on over the original trailer hitch lettin him tow it even if it had a lock on it.. only way to stop him was to remove the tires and if he saw it and wanted it he would come back the...
  15. slowmo77

    Cuts not rooting!

    they're on a heatin pad and the temp on the outside of the peat pellets stays around 74 or so. it varies during the day but never lower than 70 and never higher than 77. im not sure whats going on with them
  16. slowmo77

    Cuts not rooting!

    im gonna pick some up this weekend for sure. but even the ones i've got in rapid rooters aren't rooting. i've had 2 in rooters that rooted and one in a peat plug
  17. slowmo77

    Slowmo's Russian Rocket Fuel Grow

    those are the crosses i was thinking about. i can crosses both the bubble and RR with the master low and the same with the other two. i think the final choices will be made when i see how each strain grows out.i might start another journal along with this one. i'll finish this one with the HBD...
  18. slowmo77

    How long until my fresh seeds are viable?

    i let mine age a little first. i know i read somewhere that you want them to age a few weeks before planting but can't remember where it was at or why
  19. slowmo77

    Slowmo's Russian Rocket Fuel Grow

    ya im not sure how old these seeds are since they didn't come to m directly from nirvana. a friend had them and shared them with me so i guess we'll see won't we. lol
  20. slowmo77

    Slowmo's Russian Rocket Fuel Grow

    i got the from a friend but yes a few are from nirvana. i know they've had problems with autos so i guess we'll see. as for pollen collection. i have a seperate area for males. i let them mature till they're about to open then i pul the sacks and drop in a small container lettin them dry...