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  1. AREA 51

    light idea

    how about automotive lights? I'm thinking more to the effect of off road driving lights 1,000,000 candle power or even more. They come in there own chrome metal housing with mounting kits etc. battery chargers are much cheaper than ballast's and even new batteries are not that...
  2. AREA 51

    to TBG

    From what I've been reading you been gettin beat up pretty bad on your MG soil use. But telling from the photos you make it work pretty well. I've been reading for days now and haven't seen anything about what label MG you are using. Would it be one of their organic mixes? just...
  3. AREA 51


    As for water I have well water but goes threw a water softener I would imagine that getting water before it regenerates would be best. I can put a valve in the line before the softener too if need be. I also have easy access to one of those RO water machines. Can anyone give me any input on...
  4. AREA 51

    may i suggest

    an area for music, movies and munchies?? and maybe an area just for bag seed it's all some peps have or just don't to deal with the Romulans (aka leo) :eek:
  5. AREA 51

    shopping list

    High all! I have located an area on Jupiter's moons (about an hour away) that sells fox farm products. And would like to get everything on the first trek. It will be the first grow and would like to get as much right the first time. because of the outside environment (klingons) i will be raising...
  6. AREA 51

    i'm in

    been trying to get into your forum for about 5 days now but must be something with the email address not getting threw. didn't get the link to activate. anyway i will sent a pm to the mods to delete the other 2 user names i tryed. so i've been dooin lots of reading in the time i've been...