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  1. dekgib

    Northern lights auto

    Thanks Rosebud I sure am glad to see a familiar face
  2. dekgib

    Northern lights auto

    I’ve just started my first all auto grow 7 nla (northern light auto) not much to look at but here are a few of them now
  3. dekgib

    Rosebud does 2016!

    I'm glad to see you still going. It's been a while since we last spoke. I'm back for the long ride. Good vibes.
  4. dekgib

    Doja Bubba Berry

    That is a nice one 4u... Awesome
  5. dekgib

    lowryder 2 autos, first grow, help!!!

    she comes from a very long process... just to give you and ideait went sort of like this 2004 cali orange x columbian x og x pursang x lemon cough x purple peach x rrf(auto) x blue dream x unknown x bluecheese x pink momma x bubba momma x er(auto) the original notes are lost so the order is...
  6. dekgib

    lowryder 2 autos, first grow, help!!!

    Thanks this is a work in progress a strain I had a big hand in breeding
  7. dekgib

    Auto GoldenMightyBrambleSkunk

    Gotta get some of those
  8. dekgib

    lowryder 2 autos, first grow, help!!!

    Just about half way threw flower
  9. dekgib

    lowryder 2 autos, first grow, help!!!

    hello friend your autos looks amazing... there is someone i think is awesome with autos and he is the guy that turned me on to autos and because of him i have now created an auto of my own... now if it were me at 11 weeks id probably take one now rather first thing in the morning before the sun...
  10. dekgib

    Nurse Larry Group Grow.

    glad to see that you are still around I been threw the fire and back just wanted to say you gotem looking good... you go girl
  11. dekgib

    Kush Time....Bubba That Is....

    :holysheep: Nice work there never had any bubba so do tell what smells like
  12. dekgib


    Indeed he did damn...
  13. dekgib

    Dmans Sharon Stone

    Wow nice
  14. dekgib

    Box of chocolate

    Those are looking good bro
  15. dekgib

    Lets Talk Dirty

    Holy that looks amazing
  16. dekgib

    Hello everyone =]

    How are you? I hope all goes well with your grow good luck
  17. dekgib

    Auto GoldenMightyBrambleSkunk

    Nice what do they smell like how do they taste How long is the buzz
  18. dekgib

    4u2 ISO oil

    Wow im impressed never thought to try that
  19. dekgib

    Quickest way to get seeds ?

  20. dekgib

    4u2sm0kes 2012 outdoor grow

    4u nice work im wishing thing would have went a lil differently for me but as i always say it could be worse ... thanks for sharing your pics