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  1. WeedHopper

    Lower bud sites wk5

    It wont hurt it.
  2. WeedHopper

    Lower bud sites wk5

    My trim from my harvest is what i make oil or whatever out of. I remove lower limbs because they use energy and don't produce well. Now i bet if you used side lighting you could decent buds on lower limbs,,but id rather use that light on the canopy.
  3. WeedHopper

    Ice cream cake 3rd week flower

    Looking good.👍
  4. WeedHopper

    6 day old auto seedlings WDYT?

    Looking good my friend.
  5. WeedHopper

    Just flipped these girls..

    Rayd512 must have taken a vacation.
  6. WeedHopper

    New guy here thanks for the read

    Bro you know thats one of my favorite bands. Love their music.
  7. WeedHopper

    Best EU site to buy canna nutri during RONA

    I have never bought seeds so i dont know.
  8. WeedHopper

    Is this male or female

    You should not be able to know the sex yet unless that is an Auto Flower or you been growing it under 12/12 from seed or clone. And i cant tell with that picture anyway. Need it under regular lights and let us see a close up,,but i doubt very seriously it is showing sex yet. I have an Auto that...
  9. WeedHopper

    New guy here thanks for the read

  10. WeedHopper

    New guy here thanks for the read

    Tell me the name you want to use.
  11. WeedHopper

    New guy here thanks for the read

    I see you unfollowed them. 👍 We can change your name if you would like to shorten it.
  12. WeedHopper

    New guy here thanks for the read

    Well i guess its just an honest mistake. But boy do you keep bad company. 😁
  13. WeedHopper

    New guy here thanks for the read

    So if your new how do you know them.?🤔 Never knew anyone to join here thats never been here choose to follow ppl that left to join a private site because they dont like us. Hummmmm
  14. WeedHopper

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Ive been growing a long time just never used FF untill now. Its working great on all my plants including my veggies. Thanks for jumping in.
  15. WeedHopper

    Introduction to new site

  16. WeedHopper

    Humidity Control Help

    Negative pressure is awesome. It means the air transfer is spot on.
  17. WeedHopper

    Sin city

    Been thru there but thats it. Im not much on gambling. I like Texas Holdem though.
  18. WeedHopper

    "Creative" Strain Names

    Now that's funny. How about "Street Walker OG".😁
  19. WeedHopper

    High from the 'bush

  20. WeedHopper

    Grow room design question: exhaust fan placement

    Yeah it worked great for me. Holds down on the noise.