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  1. moaky

    Corporations are trying

    Check out this article hxxp:// This company also makes pesticides. Corporations will do their best to weed us out before they make it easier for legalization. Who knows maybe monsanto will try and patent a round up ready plant.
  2. moaky

    G.S.C. and some bubba x BB OUTDOOR

    Ive been slacking and just prepped and put in my GSC and BBxBubba that I accidently made. Im really late for out to my standards, but I'm excited to see what I can do with a late planting. I dug some 2 and a half foot deep hole by the same in circumfrence. added some mushroowm compost and...
  3. moaky

    Knock on the door.

    I live in Sonoma County and today two officers showed up because they got a phone call about marijuana. So I showed them my recomendation and I.D. They looked at the yard and told me the plants need to be together in a 100 square feet. Well I have 28 plants that are all tied down. I might...
  4. moaky

    what fertilizer to ad to teas?

    I've been making teas for a while and have been using guano's to add to my tea for fertilizer. I got the idea from Bountea. the guy only uses teas with his line of ferts. but i wanted to use EJ's guano's and other dry fertilizers. i know i haven't over fetilized and the plants are preety...
  5. moaky

    Black Kush

    i got a couple of these plants being called black kush. anyone ever heard of it. i only found one site so far with just pics. looked good. probably just blackberry mixed with some kush bubba that man *****. and somebody called it black kush. 8 weeks and i'll have a flower to post. i could...
  6. moaky

    What is the best digital ballast?

    hXXp:// the above site tested about 5 diffrent lights to find out the effeciency. the one thing i noticed is they didn't test other 600's besides the galaxy. it feels like something is being left out. xtrasun has the digital ballast. I...
  7. moaky

    Bubba Kush and the begging for many more

    take a seat and join me and if you see something you feel is wrong or could be better i would appreciate the guidance. or if you have questions please ask away. It helps me learn and concretes what i have learned from MP users and what i read. okay, well, here are the mothers of Bubba kush in...
  8. moaky

    hepa filter

    i got a organic air hepa filter for my intake fan. can the fan be hooked up to the outside of the room and the filter on the inside. i would picture it on the out side then a fan or flange to the fan. but thats a problem since i wanted to mount it to the floor to creat a better flow and colder...
  9. moaky

    trichomes and harvesting

    I normally harvest my plants by looking at the trichomes i wait till 70% of them are amber but im growing Snow Cap and they look ready but there not amber. i was wondering if Snow Cap might just stay mostly white. any body know if it might be ready
  10. moaky

    powdery mildew

    I have powdery mildew and have treated it with neem oil and its gone for a little while but comes back. Whats the best way to get rid of it and keep it gone. The plants are in a bathroom. And i think that maybe it came from a crack in the floor where water probably got in. Any ideas. Thanks...
  11. moaky


    ive heard of this mollasses to dense up your buds is it just the food product or a line of ferts. and how do you apply if its the food product. and when in flower do you apply it. thanks guys
  12. moaky

    looking for good microscope

    i want to find a good microscope that is a hand held one that would allow me to see the tricombs on my buds that are alive. anyone know where to get one. do you know how powerful it needs to be to see the tricombs
  13. moaky

    late in the grow

    these are my ladies with a 1000 watt HPS. i was just seeing how i would do without trying to hard. i need some equipment to make it better and to start working a co2 generator. i dont think they did as good as they could. does any one know why the leaves on my plants are yellowing. maybe...
  14. moaky

    have you seen this before

    My plants have been dieing fast we think it might be a fungus problem since they are dying so fast. sprayed to day with fungicide :confused2: or maybe a ph imbalance cause it looks maybe like nutrient defeciency anyone ever seen this before. it onlyu takes about 5 days before the plant is...
  15. moaky

    one **** of a community

    got to say this community is very welcoming. i posted today and got help from many people even was told to ask a certain person about the subject. so i did and they responded very fast and willingly. just wanted to say that this is a great site and there needs to be more people out in the...
  16. moaky

    Plants dieing fast

    Hey everyone. im growing up in the mountains (first time in mountains) of california and plants are dropping like flys. we thought we over fertalized then realized that the leaffs were yellowing from the inside out. so i looked online. the only thing i found was that they were deffeicent of K...