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  1. nvthis

    Larry OG Hamster cut 2014

    Hey hey, glad to see you got her back! Now it's on..
  2. nvthis

    Bombs' Buds

    Must have been way too dank.... ;)
  3. nvthis

    U2 NOT the Band Grow 2013

    It warms me through to the core to see you rockin' it again. Please tell Mr. TC I said hello ;)
  4. nvthis

    Rock Dust vrs. Azomite?

    They should all be powders, or at least as close as you can get & phosphorous is not the only thing it provides. It is rich in trace minerals, just like all other rock dusts.
  5. nvthis

    Rock Dust vrs. Azomite?

    Don't forget your soft rock phosphate! Seriously, use one, use them all, you will never see a measurable difference between them. Most say using them indoors is a waste of time and money (use kelp instead) and if you use them od, put it out a year in advance. It'll take a bit to leach the...
  6. nvthis

    SCHT is BACK and couldn't be more excited!

    Welcome back Thor!! What happened to your avi? ;)
  7. nvthis

    cancer gone!!!

    Get wound up brotha, get wound up!! Congrats on the new start HB. Glad it all worked out.
  8. nvthis

    I'm back.......

    Good times! Glad you are ok and everything is well with you. You were definitely missed ;)
  9. nvthis

    Albert Walker and the Golden Goat... Starring in DANK. In HD

    Dude, it's good to see you back behind the 8ball again. Would you say the AW taste like a grapefruit rind? Man, I told ya that GG would worm it's way into your favor ;) The high is almost identical to a sweet pineapple Cindy I used to know.. Oh, and your new avi makes me want to pee myself. I...
  10. nvthis

    We Have a New Moderator

    Congrats Cheffy!! Nice work, bro.
  11. nvthis

    Albert Walker and the Golden Goat... Starring in DANK. In HD

    excellent brutha! Hammy's got weed and life is good :D
  12. nvthis

    Bombs' Buds

    Yo! Long time, holmz ;)
  13. nvthis

    SIN INC'S Seeds Mix and eastwest delight grow

    Man.. It's like I tuned in twice...
  14. nvthis

    Albert Walker and the Golden Goat... Starring in DANK. In HD

    Haha, yeah man! That's trippy as ****.. Them leaves don't know what way to curl. Up, down, sideways.. Hey Hammy, what kinda smells are you getting off these girls? Merry Christmas bro..
  15. nvthis

    Albert Walker and the Golden Goat... Starring in DANK. In HD

    Dude, dang! So is this 2 headed monster with the curled leaves AW? Or GG? Man, you are making these girls sing bro! :D Looks like the yield is gonna be really nice. Man, I love your grows. Your pots take a beating, and it's awesome. I love how your plants are crazy healthy and your pots...
  16. nvthis

    Preparing for a BHO party

    Nice tube PC ;)
  17. nvthis

    Hunters Urged To Search For Marijuana Grow Operations

    I can't stand the cartel crap either, but be damned if I rat one out. I don't owe them anything, but by my reckoning this is where the DEA money and attention should be going. Instead, they would rather harrass and bully small time growers etc. Well, don't expect me to help you out for free or...
  18. nvthis

    Petition that the white house will have to respond to...

    Official Response: "Don't you people have anything better to do? What? Like you really thought it would work this time? Like this was the lucky number 37 and we were just gonna sign off on it all of a sudden? Yeeeeeah, K.." Historically, it's a nice gesture and... Well, that pretty much sums...
  19. nvthis

    Two of this years Strains

    The GG is much more sat in structure and expression, so not too much of a surprize that she showed off a little ;)
  20. nvthis

    Two of this years Strains