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    Tetraploid Marijuana

    Some of U may have heard the story of UBC Chemo and Dr. David Suzuki !--- I have been unable to get the tetra called Pink Kush from Billy Budd out of Canada or locate a real cut of UBC Chemo !--- So I've been working on inducing polyploidy myself !-- Tricky but I have the skills to get it done...
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    Senior's Who Grow or Want to Grow !

    Welcome to MP !--- In the coffee table section U will find a thread called --Home of the Old Farts Club !--- U don't have to be Old to be an Old Fart !---We have a morning Wake and Bake ---Twist one up in the morning Jump right in !-- If there is a question about weed someone in the O.F.C. will...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club