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    white dwarf 48days

    hey here is a few pics off my white dwarf any feed bk would be great im growing in bio bizz all mix with the trio bio bizz nutes light is a 250w hps and a 300w dual cfl
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    bubblelicious did auto but no sign of trichomes

    hey i was wanting 2 know if its normal for an auto that is on her 50th day not 2 show any sign off trichomes this is only my second grow so im still learning here is a few pics of my auto bubblelicious she has had no probs flowering apart from no thc glands
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    help wanted any1 ever had 2 stems growing from 1 seed

    hey ive just had this big bud seed pop out the soil but there is 2 stems growing from the seed had any1 ever had this before any feed bk would be great thanks
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    white dwarf 45days

    hey im growing my first plant she is looking not 2 bad she is an auto white dwarf and is bout 3ft tall and she has lots of bud site here is a pic hope u can give me sum feed bk she is growing in bio bizz all mix and have been feeding her bio bloom and an pk 13/14
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    can i transplant 3week old in soil 2 bubbler hydro

    hey ive got 2 big bud seeds that are 3 weeks old in bio bizz all mix soil i just bought a bubbler system would i be able 2 transplant into the bubbler with out it dying or not any help would be great
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    my first grow

    hey its my first time growing so here is a pic off my baby so far she is 3 weeks old in soil with a 250w m/h light ive not added any nutes yet could i get feed bk from u ppl or any thoughts bout my plant cheers
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    when do i add nutes

    hey was just wandering when i would have 2 add nutes im growing in soil with bio bizz all mix im about 2weeks in to veg stage how long will the nutes in the soil last for
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    hey hows it going

    hi every 1 im new here just started growing about 1 week a go so not that clued up yet will be posting pics off my grow set up and plant so if u got any advice please feel free 2 get intouch